What's New in Smite Season 4

Changes! Get yer changes here!


Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios has spoken in broad strokes about what's coming up in Season 4 of its third-person action MOBA, but now the full 4.1 patch notes are out and they're long.

Vamana is getting an updated character model and card for the default, recolour and mastery skins, and a new voice pack. A bunch of other gods are getting new skins as well, such as Such Cold Skadi, Modern Mercenary Nemesis, as well as a new skin for Ao Kuang to celebrate NRG's world championship 2017 win.

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The Undying Chest for 2017 will contain new skins for Vulcan, Agni, and Ullr, Bellona, Camazotz, and Medusa.

There's a new avatar called "Cutesy Doge," a new emote called "Vulcan Dance," and new global emotes based on your mastery level, and associated with the Smite Season Ticket for 2017.

Updates to the Conquest and Clash maps are in there as well. It looks like both the fire giant and the gold fury have had their base health reduced, but their health per minute increased.

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New loading frames, recalls, wards, and achievements are also on the staggeringly long list, go and dig into the details over on the Smite site.

In other Smite news, the shape-shifting Morrigan has been announced as the next god to be added to the pantheon, Smite Rivals is coming to iOS, and strategy card game Smite Tactics has entered its closed beta.

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