What's In The Sea Of Thieves Season 5 Plunder Pass

New costumes, new emotes, new ship sets, and more arrive for Season 5.


Sea of Thieves Season 5 and the new Plunder Pass are upon us. Hopefully you've gathered your sea legs and are ready to set sail, because this season is packed full of fan service, from Cannon Rowboats to re-burying treasure to even the simple act of sitting. But for some players, the highlight will always be the new cosmetics to earn via the Plunder Pass. The Season 5 Plunder Pass once more brings an industry-leading 100 free items for all players, plus an additional handful of exclusives for those who elect to get the paid version. Here's what to expect in the Sea of Thieves Season 5 Plunder Pass.

Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass free rewards

As always, Sea of Thieves offers a season pass that behaves totally opposite of virtually all others in the live-service gaming world. Rather than earn a few free items but needing to buy into the paid path for most of the rewards, Sea of Thieves offers 100 free items spread across cosmetics for your pirate, your ship, multiple types of in-game currency, and more.

The unorthodox season pass includes the new Bell Brigade clothing set, which comes colored in red and green for holiday festivities. Completing the look are equipment skins such as the Mistletoe fishing rod and Snowbound Ship lantern, the latter of which gives your lantern the look of a beautiful snow globe.

The Ancient Gold flag and sails can be unlocked separately and will combine to give your new vessel a touch of sunlight. For Pirate Legends, more exclusive items come in the form of Merrick's tankard, made of course from the tooth of a Megalodon, his arch-nemesis. Legends can also obtain Captain Grimm's jacket sporting colors of burgundy, gold, and jungle green.

Alongside these rewards, more come in the form of free gold, doubloons, and Ancient Coins, meaning you can unlock hefty sums of all three Sea of Thieves currencies spanning paid and earned variants. You can browse the photo gallery below featuring many of these items and more.

Get rich and stylish with Sea of Thieves Season 5.
Get rich and stylish with Sea of Thieves Season 5.

If you elect to buy into the optional paid Plunder Pass for $10, you'll have the entirety of Season 5 to earn 14 additional rewards. As usual, one of the coolest costumes of the season can be found in this paid add-on, so if you're a player who buys into this sort of thing, the Season 5 Plunder Pass may once again tempt you.

The highlight of the paid Plunder Pass is the Creeping Cold skin, which can be earned in three different--and increasingly elaborate--variants. The basic version is unlocked as your first reward of the pass, and you'll need to finish it off entirely to grab the most elaborate--and probably most-wanted--version.

Along the way, you'll also unlock the complete Boreal Aurora ship cosmetic set, the Sand Angel emote, and an additional 750 Ancient Coins, which nearly recoups the entire cost of the Plunder Pass. Get a look at these rewards in the image gallery below.

For pirates seeking exclusivity, the paid Plunder Pass offers even more rewards.
For pirates seeking exclusivity, the paid Plunder Pass offers even more rewards.

Sea of Thieves Season 5 begins on December 2 and presumably runs for the next three or four months, if past seasons are any indication. The game's fourth anniversary draws nearer, so you can bet more festivities await in March 2022 even if you speed through this season's content faster than a player dodging the reach of a Kraken's tentacles.

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