What's In The Fortnite Item Shop Today - November 3, 2021: Minty Legends Pack And More

A trio of breathtaking (and breath-saving) styles arrives.


The Fortnite Item Shop has updated once again, and today's inventory largely features bundles and skins we've seen several times before, though one standout new set has arrived. It combines three fan-favorite skins into one massive bundle with V-Bucks and more thrown in on top of it. Here's what's new in the Fortnite Item Shop for November 3, 2021.

The marquee new addition is the Minty Legends Pack, which is sold for local currency, not V-Bucks. In fact, the huge cosmetic pack includes V-Bucks in addition to a slew of other styles and toys. The trio at the center of the set are Aura, Oro, and Brite Bomber, who have each been reimagined in cool blues and purples like they just left the set of a chewing gum commercial.

The full set goes for $30 and includes:

  • Fresh Aura skin
  • Minty Multipack back bling
  • Minty Mountaineer pickaxe
  • Minty Bomber skin
  • Spearmint Satchel back bling
  • Freshbreaker pickaxe
  • Skellemint Oro skin
  • Minty Mantle back bling
  • Triple Mint Scepter back bling
  • Fire Mint wrap
  • 1,000 V-Bucks
Stay frosty with this new trio.
Stay frosty with this new trio.

If you're not into their fresh fits, you can also find the Henchmen bundle has returned for 1,200 V-Bucks, while The Batman Who Laughs is there for perhaps just one more day too. Much older skins like Red Knight, Ruby, and Firewalker are back too, likely just for the day, so grab them while you can if you're hoping to add their sets to your locker.

For a wide-angle view of the whole storefront, refer to this handy tweet from Fortnite content creator iFireMonkey.

We'll be back tomorrow with another Fortnite Item Shop update.

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