What's In The Fortnite Item Shop - January 5, 2022: New Mel Skin Debuts

A brand-new character comes to Fortnite today.


It's time for another Fortnite Item Shop reset, and today's inventory features a few crossovers, a few originals, plus a brand-new character never before seen in the Fortnite omniverse. You'll have a chance to meet this new hero on the top of today's shop menu, or keep scrolling for some returning loopers. Here's what's in the Fortnite Item Shop for January 5, 2022.

The new Mel skin introduces the music-loving character to the massive Fortnite world, though if you're looking for other accessories, you're out of luck. Mel comes without any other toys, not even back bling. That also means she comes for fairly cheap at just 800 V-Bucks, but for now, we're left waiting to see if other items or characters are added to her Backbeat set down the line.

Feel the music with Mel.
Feel the music with Mel.

Elsewhere in the shop, you can still get your hands on crossover skins such as Boba Fett or the Cobra Kai heroes, including a new Jonesy that looks like he walked off the set of the Netflix series. Panda Team Leader is here too, who originally debuted way back in Chapter 1, Season 5.

Other Epic originals include Desert Dominator, Nitebeam, and Flare. You can also grab the new Snow Stealth Slone via a Fortnite Crew subscription. For a complete rundown of today's shop items, refer to this Firemonkey tweet.

We'll be back tomorrow with another Fortnite Item Shop update.

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