What Xbox 360 Games Do You Want Playable on Xbox One?

This might be the only way we see Red Dead on Xbox One anytime soon.


Following yesterday's announcement that Xbox One will support backwards compatibility with select Xbox 360 games, Microsoft is now asking fans what games they want to see supported by the new feature.

A new page on the Xbox Feedback website allows fans to submit games and vote on those they want to be backwards compatible. As of this writing, the top games are fairly unsurprising: Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Red Dead Redemption, and Skyrim.

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According to the page, new games will be added monthly, but Microsoft says it can't guarantee every game will be supported. There's no assurance that the top vote-getters will be supported, as their respective publishers need to give approval. However, as Microsoft said during its media briefing, backwards compatibility requires no effort on the part of the games' developers or publishers.

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