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Bridging the gap.


E3 2015 is nearly upon us and with it comes yet another Microsoft press conference. Last year, the company made it a point to focus more on the Xbox One's games rather than its entertainment features. But what does the company need to do this year to keep gamers interested? We asked our editors what they would like to see from Microsoft and what they think the company needs to do to win the hearts of gamers everywhere during E3 2015. Check out their answers and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Pictured Above: Halo 5: Guardians
Pictured Above: Halo 5: Guardians

The game of catch up | Alex Newhouse

The Xbox One’s sales are behind, but the console’s fall lineup is shaping up to be a behemoth. With Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Motorsport 6, and several other big-budget exclusives, Microsoft is perfectly poised to strike at the PS4’s position. Along with hammering home its lineup, however, I think Microsoft needs to reveal a hardware refresh. That console is far too bulky, and with its power brick it is significantly larger than the sleeker and lighter PS4. As a person who travels a lot with his consoles, I personally would love for an Xbox One Slim.

Show Scalebound | Peter Brown

I'm not a big fan of Microsoft's heavy hitters, like Halo and Forza, but I'm very interested to see more of Scalebound, the verdant action game that features a warrior/dragon tandem. It's being made by one of my favorite developers, Platinum Games, a studio that typically crafts over the top, stylish action games. My imagination runs wild when I try to picture Scalebound in my head, but I'm sure Platinum will subvert my expectations and create something totally original, and completely unexpected.

Pictured Above: Scalebound
Pictured Above: Scalebound

PC gaming and higher resolution | Zorine Te

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I'd like to see Microsoft talk more about PC gaming. Specifically, more details on what Windows 10 will mean for PC gaming. Showcasing what DirectX 12 can do would also be of interest to both PC and Xbox One gamers; Microsoft could tell us what it can do for gaming, and why gamers should care. On the console side of things, I think needs to step it up a notch and give the Xbox One what it needs to get on graphical parity with the PS4. Too many times have I seen stories about the inferior resolution in the Xbox One's versions of games.

Fix the interface, and show us some games! | Rob Crossley

My kingdom for a new Xbox One Dashboard. Microsoft is leading the way on console support with monthly updates and improvements to the Xbox One operating system, but I've criticized its tragically bad interface before, to the extent that I don't think it can be saved by tweaks alone. Otherwise I think the Xbox One line-up is looking strong, with Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Scalebound especially, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they play. It's probably a little too early for Gears of War gameplay, but a trailer explaining its direction would be welcomed. Also, Cuphead. More Cuphead.

Pictured Above: Cuphead
Pictured Above: Cuphead

Go big or go home | Eddie Makuch

Just like last year, Microsoft again finds itself in the position of underdog as it relates to the Xbox One vs. PS4 sales race. The company's back is not against the wall, however, not by any stretch. But Microsoft has the opportunity at E3 this year to go big and really make a splash, bringing the fight to Sony and heating things up for the upcoming holiday.

Halo being one of my favorite franchises, not only from Microsoft but overall, I am very excited to see and learn more about Halo 5: Guardians at E3. Tell me about the story. Show me how large-scale multiplayer works. Finally talk about Steven Spielberg's Halo TV.

I would also like to see Microsoft announce some kind of Xbox One backward compatibility solution. This would most likely, if it does happen, be done through a PlayStation Now-like streaming solution. Microsoft has already said this is totally possible. It would not only allow third-parties to make more money off back-catalog games, but it would help people coming over from PlayStation 3 to know that they could play all the Xbox 360 exclusives they might have missed.

Cut the malarkey | Kevin VanOrd

I feel like it's easier to say what I don't want to see from Microsoft. No Kinect, no dashboard, no Project Spark-related tease, no self-congratulatory talk of new partnerships with television networks and sports leagues. Bring me the diversity of games Sony shows year in and year out. Microsoft's internal developers are easy guesses: Halo, Forza, Crackdown, Gears. (A new Gears, please, not a remaster.) But Microsoft's own studios can't carry the show; it's up to third-party developers to show their stuff. Put Valve on the stage and announce Dota 2 for the Xbox One, Portal 3 or (dare I wish it?) Half-Life 3. (I'm out of my mind, right?) Focusing on indies would also help, particularly if the company is ready to show off how it plans to make Xbox One development accessible to everyone.

Pictured Above: Rise of the Tomb Raider
Pictured Above: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Give me a reason | Daniel Hindes

I'd like to see Microsoft try to give me a reason to buy an Xbox One. It will need to do nothing short of reinventing the console's entire image to do this. I'm not interested in the entertainment functionality or split-screen features--I just want the console to play the best games at their best detail. Apparently the move to DirectX 12 will help some of this, so Microsoft needs to demonstrate this in action. If the new controller that was leaked which contains a standard headphone jack is also a real thing, then that will further help bring the console up to par with the PS4 in terms of convenience.

Bridging the gap | Justin Haywald

Sony's PS4 has a commanding lead in overall console sales, but that doesn't mean Microsoft can't catch up. Having a strong slate of third-party Xbox One exclusives to show off at E3 would go a long way toward bridging the gap with PS4. And equally interesting would be a focus on Windows 10 functionality. The all-encompassing new operating system could open the door for not only playing Xbox One games on your PC, but also streaming PC games to your Xbox One. And there are also the gaming possibilities of Microsoft's VR tech Hololens. So far, we've only seen a MInecraft demo, but I'd love to see how the headset could work with the Xbox One.

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Avatar image for nintendians

just wanted to see what rare ltd. unreal engine 4 game is going to be.

Avatar image for blood_borne

I just hope MS's lame conference goes fast. Get it over with! EA's conference will be the next one I watch, unless MS wants to finally explain why The Witcher 3, a singleplayer game, got killswitched for hours a few weeks ago.

I mean, everyone knows why. I'd just be interested in their honest admission.

Avatar image for skiggy34

@kevin vanord as a ps and ms gamer id love to know of this diverse game lineup sony has shown in the past 2 E3s that werent multiplatform... Please think for me because i cant think of any. At least MS has had a game in almost every genre so far. Talk about diverse, your comment is backwards and you shouldn't even get the mic ever again....

Avatar image for RighteousNixon

Honestly, I just want MS to continue doing what they have been doing since Phil "the man" Spencer has come on board. Every aspect of Xbox One has improved dramatically since Phil came on board. game sales are a million times better, Games with Gold continues to improve. their listening to their gamers and even started a feedback website. Even Rare is back to making the games it should have been making all along. You have the partnership with Oculus, the development of the Hololens, you have big exclusives like Rise of the tomb Raider, Halo 5, Gears of War, Quantum Break, Forza 6, etc. the first 5 months of Xbox One was a disaster, but Phil has turned things around in a BIG way. So again as long as they continue on as they have been the last 12 months, I have no doubt Xbox will continue to thrive and I will be a happy man.

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I will like to se a Portable Xbox !!!! IT TIME FOR MICROSOFT to realise a portable Xbox !!

Avatar image for streamline

With DX12 and VR collaboration, MS is finally going to move from AAA to XXX games.

Avatar image for ralphikari

It must suck to do a report on a system you hate so much and try to act level-headed and professional.

Avatar image for bsford

Couple of things wrong with these interpretations... Xbox One's UI rocks, and I love the split screen feature, especially using Kinect to do things like start a party or snapping apps -if anything I'd like to see this refined to make one of the many features that sets this console apart from PS4 (in a good way) more streamline. secondly, Xbox One's games lineup is miles ahead of PS4's, and that's even before going into E3. I just want them to showcase what they've got, and prove that having an Xbox One is truly a superior experience to PS4's. And finally, I'd like to see some 1080p 60fps news. I'm tired of the internet b!tching about inferior graphics, especially when comparing the games frame by frame, you can't even tell the difference between the two consoles, and games on Xbox One generally run smoother. Take the Witcher 3 for example.

What I'd really like to see from E3 is news articles not be bias anymore and start reporting the truth. That'd be great!

Avatar image for brandiesel

I just want them to announce an awesome game that we haven't heard of yet so Sony fanpussies can be like "oh no, the world is ending derp" and then break the Internet whilst crying.

I'm so glad I'm a gamer and not a fanpussy. I look forward to seeing what MS, Sony and Nintendo have coming up.

It'll be a great show I'm sure.

Avatar image for Andycreep1

I got xbox 360 2 years after xbox one came out and got it for 129$ at bestbuy lol

Avatar image for Andrew_is_basic

Half life 3.

Avatar image for blood_borne

No Quantum Break. No Scalebound. No Crackdown.

But lots of Windows 10, lots of DX12, and lots of HoloLens.

Moar Halo. Moar Gears.


Avatar image for bdrtfm

@blood_borne: They've added an extra half hour to their show in order to have W10, DX12 and Hololense stuff without dipping into the game showcase time. So, its all good.

Avatar image for p0tent

@blood_borne: Wait... that's what you want to see?

Avatar image for blood_borne

They nailed it with the UI.

X1's UI sucks donkey balls.

Avatar image for blood_borne

@p0tent: a good game

Avatar image for supremeultra

God damn this sight is so biased it hurts to read your articles.

"Alright guys Xbox article about E3 what do we say, let's make sure to talk about how far behind they are in sales, let's take the massive pillars of the console with it's far superior UI and media functionality and completely bash it like millions of people wouldn't be interested in such at all, let's talk about how their heavy hitters like Halo and Gears just "aren't doing it for me"...."

Man, F*CK this sight, no wonder people with integrity like Jeff Gerstmann just couldn't get along here.

Avatar image for northArrow

@supremeultra: Except they are far behind in sales, the UI is a clunky awkward mess, millions of people aren't interested in the "massive pillars" of cell phone apps on a stationary device, and it would be nice if Microsoft could diversify its portfolio beyond their stale old franchises.

Just because you don't like the truth doesn't make it less true or "biased" when somebody brings it up.

Avatar image for supremeultra


To pretend like there is no reason 10s of millions have people bought the console is bullshit.

Just because you're as retardedly bias as this sight, doesn't make it any less bias, dumb shit.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c79c3cfce222

New games that aren't Gears or Halo. I felt done with Gears after 2 and while Halo is alright, it's never really been my jam. What happened to Phantom Dust is shitty, hope they have something similar to replace that with. Some new weird thing that shouldn't be, but is anyway. That Phantom Dust reboot thing was like Shenmue 3 in miniature.

I also hope to see Quantum Break undelayed.

It's weird/interesting that they announced that, Scalebound and Crackdown will be saved for Gamescom cause they can't fit them in at E3. Those are three pretty sizable exclusive games. They obviously want you to think they've got a ton of cool shit to show at E3, but we shall see.

Avatar image for Andycreep1

What Would You Like To See From Microsoft During E3 This Year? MS SHUT DOWN LOL

Avatar image for p0tent

@Andycreep1: Out of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.... MS will be the last.

Avatar image for fatspeed

@p0tent: Aye, MS will most definately be the one out of those 3 to be the last one standing. If it ever comes down to that.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c79c3cfce222

@Andycreep1: Funny joke, that.

Avatar image for insane_metalist

Bahaha. DX12 helping Xbone? Yeah maybe a little. DX12 is gonna bring an entire new soul to PC gaming and TW3 will be one of the first DX12 games supported on PC :p

No offense to fanboys: but it's pathetic that Xbone in 2015 still has to play some games @ 720P. While 1440P is standard now days on PC.

Avatar image for strothers101

@insane_metalist: "No offense to fanboys"...proceeds to comment like a fanboy. haha good one.

Avatar image for 55584623

this list is pretty meh, and is it really necessary to keep mentioning the PS4 in every two lines?

Heck i get it, i also prefer the PS4 but shouldn't this be an article about Microsoft?

Anyway i was hoping to see more about Quantum Break.

Avatar image for nipseymc

I'd like to see a new next-next gen XBOX from MS at this year's E3...

Avatar image for deactivated-5893d17ed65b4

No Quantum Break.

No Scalebound.

No Crackdown.

No Phantom Dust.

Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable then?

Avatar image for Andycreep1

@Lacerz: that's all man 3 games LOL

Avatar image for mark_parch

@Lacerz: it just makes me think if they are moving quantum break, scalebound and crackdown to gamescom they must have a lot of stuff we don't know about.

Avatar image for DarqStalker

@mark_parch: Pretty much already confirmed by Phil that 90 mins isn't enough time to give every game the time it deserves. Some of the big names are moving to Gamescon to give them more time which gives all the other games more time for E3

Avatar image for northArrow

@mark_parch: Or, E3 is going to be focused on Windows 10 and AR

Avatar image for Shilleto

@northArrow: they are on the pc thing for E3 when they will be showing windows 10 stuff

Avatar image for deactivated-5893d17ed65b4

@mark_parch: One can hope. We can assume Halo 5, Forza Motorsport 6 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. We'll probably see Fable Legends as well. I'm sure there will be some third party DLC arrangements added in for good measure. Probably a few indies. Windows 10, the 1TB XO model, new controller, and Hololens could be shown too. Maybe a new Gears or a Gears remaster.

Then what? Their show is only 60 minutes.

Avatar image for nameaprice

What Would I Like To See From Microsoft During E3 This Year? How about a console that doesn't suck!

Avatar image for stickybun

@nameaprice: derp.

Avatar image for heartyoumeus

The Xbox One is a great system. I don't see the hate it gets when it comes to UI, I think it's way better than anything MS has done ever for console. Games are going to be front and center at E3 just like they have been since the beginning of the Xbox One era. That is all I really care about.

Avatar image for northArrow

I'm already disappointed that Quantum Break isn't going to be at E3, so at this point I'm just hoping for some surprises. If their presentation is what I think it's going to be - AR, Windows 10, Halo and Forza - I'm going to be very disappointed.

Avatar image for StormBlast69

I was thinking it was a story about XBOX ONE, but every editor makes clear how they love every aspect of PS4 and how they praise SONY. Change the name of the site already for something like SONYSPOT. Miss the time when journalism came first in this site and the fanboysm was left only to readers....

Avatar image for northArrow

@StormBlast69: Let me ask you a question: Is there any type of criticism that somebody can make about the Xbox without being labeled a Sony fan?

Nothing about this article is negative, its all about what people want to see Microsoft do with the console. These are all good things and I'm hoping to see a lot of the same things the editors talked about. Did you really want to read one of the editors say "Nothing, the Xbox is perfect"?

Xbox fans have really become the biggest whiny crybabies this gen.

Avatar image for mark_parch

@StormBlast69: I was thinking the same thing

Avatar image for vulpine

From Microsoft I want to see a reboot of Crimson Skies playable across platforms. I really enjoyed that game.

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

what would be really intresting is if they would allow you to upgrade the GPU of the xbox one

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

i would def rent an xbox for rise of the tomb raider, it's a damn shame they exclusively paid to the pubs to make it a timed exclusive

but then again, you have bloodborne with the sony BS, but i guess competition is always good

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

dota 2 on xbox? it could work...

but then again, who the **** would play an action RTS on a console?

oh right, halo wars, the only way to make me buy an xbox if halo wars 2 is released, and halo 5 scrapped completely

and just remake halo reach with better multipayer connectivity and moar maps

Avatar image for xxdavidxcx87

Just do a Nintendo, when its all going bad just make a new console.

But seriously They need to make new IP's and create something new, Gears of war and fable just aren't exciting anymore.