What Will Xbox Project Scorpio Be Called?

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What Will Project Scorpio Be Called?

Egg Box

Dan Crowd | Video Producer

As all life begins with an egg, so to does the future of your gaming life. The Egg Box will finally answer the age old question: which came first: the chicken who rage quit or the Egg Box Entertainment Unit from Microsoft Corporation. Namaste.


Alex Newhouse | News Reporter

I'm guessing that Microsoft will pull an Apple and call Scorpio simply "Xbox." Microsoft's naming conventions already make no sense--I still don't know why the third Xbox system is called Xbox One--and the company clearly does not concern itself with correct numbering. It jumped from Windows 8 to Windows 10, after all. With all the talk of the "end of console generations" and the beginning of more iterative hardware releases, I think that the most likely name for Scorpio is something straightforward, that gets back to its roots, and that illustrates the idea that there won't be huge breaks between console releases anymore.

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New Xbox One

Eddie Makuch | Associate Editor, Australia

Microsoft is positioning Project Scorpio as a high-end option inside the Xbox ecosystem system of hardware. Its price point will be higher than that of the Xbox One S. So it was no surprise when Phil Spencer said he believes Xbox One will always be Microsoft's best-selling console this generation, outpacing Scorpio (Microsoft says there aren't really "generations" of consoles any more per se). So I don't think the Xbox One name can really go away if that is to be true. Taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook, maybe we will see Microsoft retain the Xbox One name but add something to it: New Xbox One.

Xbox One

Edmond Tran | Australian Editor / Senior Video Producer

I think Scorpio is basically going to mark a relaunch of the Xbox One, with some realigning of the hardware family in the process. Sony's marketing of the PS4 Pro seemed a bit hesitant--I guess they didn't want to detract attention from the already strong regular PS4 sales. Microsoft don't have as much to lose. I wouldn't be surprised if Scorpio, with all its beefy-as-hell hardware becomes the new flagship 'Xbox One', while the perception of the Xbox One S gets spun down into an affordable entry-level model. This way, Microsoft could potentially yell "Xbox One is way more powerful than PS4!" from rooftops, and technically, they'd be right.

Xbox 720

Oscar Dayus | UK Staff Writer

If you think this name sounds dumb, please remember Microsoft named its third Xbox the "Xbox One." This will of course be widely ridiculed when Phil Spencer announces it at E3, but when all those 360 owners are reminded what a great time they had playing Gears of War and Fable 2 and Halo 3, they'll flock back to the green side of the Force quicker than you can say "gaming-T-shirt-and-jacket-combo."

Xbox One Elite

Chris Pereira | News Editor

The Elite name is one that Microsoft used for a particular iteration of the Xbox 360, but I think it's been long enough that it's ready to be used again. It seems unlikely to me that Microsoft abandons the Xbox One name, given that it won't want to confuse people about what games the system plays--or anger existing Xbox One owners who might feel like their system has been phased out if the "Xbox 4" is announced. Similarly, anything involving 4K could immediately turn off non-4K display owners, Sony claimed the term Pro, and "Xbox Is More Powerful Than PS4 Pro Please Buy It" feels slightly unwieldy. Xbox One Elite it is.

Xbox 4K

Jimmy Thang | Technology Editor

Microsoft is heavily pushing its next system as a 4K-capable console. A simple and effective way of conveying that, if it truly can push 2160p, is to just have 4K in the title. Conveniently, it’s also Microsoft’s fourth major console release, if you don’t count simple chassis refreshes like the S and the Elite.

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