What Was Missing From Blizzcon 2017?

That announcements that didn't happen.


Don't get us wrong, Blizzcon 2017 had some amazing surprises for almost every Blizzard game. Overwatch got a new map and a new hero. World of Warcraft answered our questions about what's going on with those legacy servers. Hearthstone got a new expansion. Heroes of the Storm got new heroes. But, there were still a few things missing.

The most obvious absence was one we knew going into the show: no big Diablo news. Both Diablo II Remastered and the unconfirmed (but inevitable) Diablo 4 were no-shows at this year's Blizzcon. But the other things we wished we'd seen were a little more subtle.

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In the video above, Erick Tay and I discuss a few of those things we were hoping to see at Blizzcon that didn't make an appearance, including a Blizzard animated movie and Warcraft III remastered.

If you missed any of the announcements that did actually happen at the show, you can catch up with the biggest news and trailers from Blizzcon right here. But is there anything you wish that Blizzard had talked about that didn't end up in this year's convention? Let us know in the comments below!

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