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This week's question is:

What video game character deserves his/her own spin-off?

There's no denying how video games contain the most amazingly memorable characters. However, it's a shame that not all these characters are the focus of their respective games, nor are they even playable. So have you ever wished that a character had a unique game of their own? If so, who? Here's what we each had to say on the matter.

Navi from The Legend of Zelda | Chris Watters, Host

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The obvious choice for this, the highest of honors that could be bestowed on a sidekick or supporting character, is Navi. In Navi: Wings of Karma, you fly around modern day Tokyo, seeking out people who are evil, immoral, or just plain rude, and convincing them that you are a special fairy there to lead them to a glorious destiny. And then you prank, pester, and otherwise mess with them until they repent their evil ways or end up completely ruined. Hey, listen!

Ciri from The Witcher 3 | Kevin VanOrd, Senior Editor

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Ciri from The Witcher 3. Geralt's passionless quest for money and the pleasures of the flesh has served him (and us) quite well, but Ciri's sequences in The Witcher 3 were a great tease, proving that there are many tales left to tell in this world. We only experienced bits and pieces of Ciri's life, but imagine the encounters she had that we never got to see for ourselves. I want to see the brutal world of The Witcher through Ciri's eyes; I suspect her point of view could further deepen that rich fantasy universe.

Kefka from Final Fantasy VI | Synthia Weires, Community Lead

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Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. I've always been a fan of seeing how a character becomes their true self (their final form if you will), and Kefka is no different. I imagine it would be something comparable to another clown prince, the Joker in the Killing Joke. The game would go into the details of Kefka as the first experimental Magitek Knight and as we progress we would see what events drove him madness.

Jack from Mass Effect 2 | Jessica McDonell, Host/Producer

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Jack from Mass Effect 2. Jack, or Subject Zero, has the coolest backstory and such a fantastic personal mission. I'd love to play a game all about her. She is a killer biotic, hates pretty much everybody, and, unlike every other character in Mass Effect, being sweet and thoughtful to her won't get you into her good books. Or her bed, for that matter. I'd have loved to experience more of her evolution from a chaotic renegade to the confident and mature woman she is in Mass Effect 3.

Sylvanas Windrunner from Warcraft | Zorine Te, Editor

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Sylvanas Windrunner from the Warcraft universe would make an excellent main character in an action role-playing game depicting her life, from early childhood to the leader of the Forsaken she is now. Imagine partaking in the battles she would have fought and seeing all the pivotal events of the Warcraft universe she witnessed! Her skillset as a ranger would also translate well into action-oriented gameplay. Then there's the moment she became a banshee, granting a whole new perspective and changing up how she could play. I'd love to gain an insight into her life story; such a troubled and complex character would have a great a story arc

Cortana from Halo | Eddie Makuch, News Editor

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I think Halo's Cortana is fully deserving of her own game. Sure, the Halo extended fiction dives deep into her backstory and origins, but I think it's time to go even further. Since she's an AI, this of course would present its own set of gameplay challenges. And, Halo fans will know this game would probably have to be a prequel because [redacted Halo spoilers]. But I think such a game has a lot of potential.

Lamar Davis from Grand Theft Auto V | Jake Dekker, Video Intern

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The Grand Theft Auto games have always had a stellar cast of characters, but Lamar Davis from Grand Theft Auto V might just be my favorite. He's funny, strong willed, and always looking for trouble. I would love to see a game set in Los Santos where I got to play as a younger Lamar alongside Franklin and partake in all sorts of nefarious activities.

Lead Scout Harding from Dragon Age: Inquisition | Tamoor Hussain, News Editor

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I think it is tragic that Lead Scout Harding wasn't one of the romance options in Dragon Age: Inquisition because she is the most charming character in that entire game and I love her. The only way to make up for this obvious dropping of the ball by BioWare is to give her a game.

I've done most of the hard work and put together an elevator pitch for BioWare: Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, but with Lead Scout Harding as the main character. As the player, you guide her through strange new locations, investigate points of interest, perhaps help the locals. When all that's done, you send a sweet little letter back to the Inquisitor talking about the things you've seen and learned.

M. Bison from Street Fighter | Rob Crossley, Editor

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This is awfully tough, because there are so many amazing candidates to choose from. Very tempting to suggest a noir whodunnit starring Mordin Solus, or a double-cross simulator featuring Revolver Ocelot, but top of the list for me is the mighty M. Bison. This utter badass has his own biochemical drugs and arms business (Shadoloo) and I'd love to actually see it in operation via a XCOM style strategy and management sim. You'd scout for the world's best fighters, whilst also trying to maintain a volatile Psycho Power Generator, whilst also micro-managing key staff (Vega, Sagat, Blanka, et al) to keep them happy.

Chop Chop Master Onion from PaRappa the Rapper | Edmond Tran, Video Director

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Chop Chop Master Onion: Origins is the gritty prequel to PaRappa the Rapper where we explore Onion’s life as a young bulb, solving all of life’s problems by karate-chopping the ever-loving crap out of everything. School? Kick! Parents divorce? Punch! Romance? Block! It's all in the mind! Coming 2017!

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