What to Expect From Titanfall 2's Single-Player Campaign

Titanfall 2's campaign "isn't your average linear, for lack of a better word, corridor FPS."


Titanfall 2 releases this year with a single-player campaign, something the first game didn't have. In an interview with GameSpot sister site CNET, developer Respawn Entertainment explained that it won't feel like a Call of Duty campaign.

"It really isn't your average linear, for lack of a better word, corridor FPS," the developer said. "It's not like you're getting pulled through this series of explosions or people yelling at you. There's going to be very quiet moments where you're taking in a broad environment and you have to figure out how you're going to traverse it."

Game director Steve Fukuda says he wants it to feel like a big swimming pool with enemies in it. You dive in and out and attack from different angles.

Titanfall 2's single-player campaign follows pilot Jack Cooper and Titan BT-7274. The official story hasn't been announced, but from the looks of the trailer at the top of this article, it looks like there will be plenty of robot-and-human buddy action.

When it comes to its multiplayer, Titanfall 2 will supply players with free DLC maps and modes. The game also launches alongside a line of action figures, which come with exclusive in-game content.

You can check out the new sword-wielding Titan here. Dubbed Ronin, the Titan can move quickly, shoot a giant shotgun-like weapon, and utilize its sword in combat.

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