What Six Street Fighter 5 Characters Are Capcom Teasing?

You'll be able to unlock them through gameplay or microtransactions.


Today during Sony's Paris Games Week briefing, Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono announced that at least six new DLC characters are coming to the fighting game beginning in 2016. He didn't reveal their names. Instead, Capcom released the mysterious silhouette image you see below.

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These six characters, whoever they are, will be unlockable either through gameplay or via microtransactions. In fact, all Street Fighter V gameplay DLC will be free, provided you're willing to play enough.

Capcom also announced today that Street Fighter V will launch in February 2016 across PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition, the character Dhalsim has joined the roster. The game's second beta recently concluded, and, like the first one, it did not go so well. This latest trial period tested the game's cross-platform functionality.

During his speech, Ono invited fans to speculate about which characters they might be, so that's what we're going to do. Who do you think the six shadowy fighters are? Let us know in the comments below.

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