What Need for Speed Game Director Thought of the Movie

EA manager shares his thoughts on the Aaron Paul action-racing movie.


2014's Need for Speed movie--starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton--made a lot of money, but didn't exactly win over critics. We already gave you our thoughts on the movie, but what does Need for Speed game director Marcus Nilsson think? Did it capture the essence of the games?

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"I think it depends on what type of Need for Speed you're looking at. If you look at Rivals last year, Rivals was obviously a game almost without any type of story. The Need for Speed movie obviously has a narrative that pulls you through," Nilsson told GameSpot.

"People kind of had different opinions about that narrative and how good that is or how bad it is. I think [the movie] captures some stuff of what Need for Speed is. I think it captures the action driving, it's all about the car and edge-of-your-seat driving. But I think it didn't fully deliver on everything the brand needs to be."

With Need for Speed 2 reportedly entering production, maybe Nilsson will have a chance to share his input on how to do a better job the second time around.

EA studio Ghost Games today announced the next Need for Speed game, an open-world racer inspired by the Underground series and featuring an "innovative" story. Check out GameSpot's full report on the new game here.

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