What Island Name Are You Choosing For Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Choosing an island name can be tricky in the new Switch game.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is officially here, and it's a welcome reprieve from some of the doom and gloom of our current social distancing times. It's the sort of relaxing game that couldn't come at a better time. But just a few minutes into the game, you'll be faced with a potentially difficult decision, and one you can't change without abandoning your save file entirely: What do you name your island?

If you're anything like me, you've spent recent days agonizing over what to squeeze in that 10-character limit. Do I just go with the name of something I love, like Twin Peaks? Do I just see what kind of nonsense word comes out of my mouth and go with it? Reference an obscure joke from a Netflix comedy that very few people will understand? (Winner!)

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Everyone has their own approach to naming their island, and so we've rounded up many of those we here at GameSpot have decided to use along with explanations for some of them. Be sure to let us know what you used--or are considering--in the comments below.

Kallie Plagge: Midori

It means green in Japanese and it's what I named my town in New Leaf. I picked it mostly because the town is green... with trees and stuff.

Jacob Dekker: Rivia

Because I have to keep the brand strong.

Kurt Indovina: JackieChan

(Named after the singer)

Evan Langer: Outset

From Wind Waker

Ben Janca: Sotenberry

From Yakuza

Ashley Oh: Twin Bells

Inspired by Twin Peaks

Jean-Luc Seipke: Yasogami

The school in Persona 4

Max Blumenthal: Kokiri

From Zelda

Tamoor Hussain: Tamsterdam

I have a very versatile name, which comes in handy when you need to 1) Make dumb jokes on Twitter 2) Name a virtual island.

Juliana Russell: Buttchug

Will Potter: Mata Nui

Of Lego Bionicle fame

Lucy James: THRILLHO

Animal Crossing is great, and all I've done is enter my Island's name... Thrillhouse.

Steve Watts: Wooblyland

I used the nonsense word "Woobleyville" for my first village in the first Animal Crossing and I've stuck with it in some form ever since.

Randolph Ramsay: IsleOfFlan

Dave Jewitt: Caliban

Named after the home planet of the Dark Angels chapter from Warhammer 40,000. (Which was blown up...)

Chris Pereira: Q-Zone

Inspired by my current favorite sketch from I Think You Should Leave, the greatest comedy show of all time.

Mat Elfring: CONNquest

The name of Connor4Real's second solo album from Popstar.

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