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This week's question is:

Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Silence of the Lambs (1991)

What horror film would make the most terrifying or interesting game?

Halloween is finally here and as a result, it's likely you're going to watch a bunch of horror films to set the mood. But with such a vast library of great films to see, have you ever wondered which one would make the most terrifying or interesting game? Here's what we had to say.

Pan's Labyrinth | Eddie Makuch, News Editor

I would be very much interested in a game based on Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. It blends real-world drama with fantastical elements and creatures like no other film I've seen. I'm envisioning something of an Alice-style adventure game in which you control Ofelia and cross between the fantasy and real-world realms to solve puzzles and save the world. Getting del Toro on board might be a tough job, however, as he's been burned before with other game projects that fell through like inSane and Silent Hills.

Slither | Mary Kish, Video producer

James Gunn's Slither! Okay, hear me out. Imagine a real crappy Southern town open world. You're Nathan Fillion and you've got a bunch of gross slugs all around the map. You need to kill each one of them because if they get in your mouth you're done for. And then some of the slugs turn people into zombies, so you got yourself an open world zombie game as well. There's even a massive boss fight with a giant woman holding 10,000 slugs in her body that come out all at once. There's also only one grenade in the entire game that can result in an achievement if you manage to throw it in a pool. And the final boss fight is a giant mass of bodies trying to slice you open with long tentacle arms. To beat the game, you have blow him up from the inside and then you get to marry Elizabeth Banks. Best game ever.

Slither (2006)
Slither (2006)

Silence of the Lambs | Scott Butterworth, Editor

Imagine an L.A. Noire-style Silence of the Lambs game. Long, winding discussions with Hannibal Lecter punctuated by moments that require you to interpret his words, guess his intentions, or even read his face? With strong writing and fewer over-the-top outbursts from the protagonist than we saw in Noire, that could be deliciously tense. Paging Telltale Games to this thread...

The Conjuring | Zorine Te, Associate Editor

I think The Conjuring would make for an interesting game if handled correctly. As a ghost hunter you need to unearth the history surrounding a haunted house and figure out a way to save the family who is being terrorized by an evil entity. Picking up clues, interviewing other characters, investigating around town--these could all form a part of the gameplay. If the game could recreate the atmosphere the movie managed to achieve, then players would be in for one hell of a scary ride!

The Conjuring (2013)
The Conjuring (2013)

Cabin in The Woods | Synthia Weires, Community Manager

I'd say Cabin in The Woods. In the game, you would be operating out of The Facility. Your mission: appease The Ancient Ones. You would be given a setting (camp in the woods, amusement park, haunted hotel, etc.), a set of monsters to use, and a cast of victims to manipulate in your efforts to please The Ancient Ones. Think Super Mario Maker only with way more blood. Each Ancient One would act as a boss encounter. And you'd even get bonus points to unlock better monsters to use on your victims by achieving certain mini missions, for instance, killing 3 teens in the haunted forest with a unicorn.

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