What GTA 5 PC Looks Like on Max Settings

Check out these videos that show off just how incredible Los Santos looks on ultra settings.

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The long-awaited PC edition of Rockstar's open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived. Now, one player has uploaded a series of videos showing off the game running at the highest settings.

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YouTube user taltigolt (via VG247), has posted a handful of videos to their channel, including some in 4K you can watch with a compatible monitor.

Check out a couple videos below and the rest at taltigolt's YouTube page.

It's not surprising that GTA V looks totally gorgeous on PC. After all, the PC versions of multiplatform titles are often the best-looking, provided your computer is beefy enough to handle them. You can see GTA V's minimum and recommended PC specifications here.

GTA V's release on PC has not been without its problems. Check out this post to see the game's most common issues, and how to fix them.

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