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What Does Xbox One X "Enhanced" Really Mean?

The Xbox One X is coming soon and now Microsoft has clarified more details about it.


Microsoft's Xbox One X represents something somewhat new for the company as it relates to hardware. The console is not a replacement for the current Xbox One. It's not a generational change in the way that Xbox One was to Xbox 360. The Xbox One X will play all of the games available on Xbox One and it works with the controllers you may already have. Microsoft is aware that messaging is important, and now the company has released a video in which Xbox's Albert Penello and Major Nelson explain some of the big points.

Starting off, Penello stressed that every game on Xbox One will work on Xbox One X. This includes titles bought at a physical retailer and digitally. The Xbox One X also features backwards compatibility support for Xbox 360 titles, and Original Xbox games at some point further down the line. Also, your Xbox One controllers work on Xbox One X.

Penello also said all Xbox One games coming in the future will work on the entire Xbox "family of devices."

Also in the video, Penello addressed the "Xbox One-enhanced" wording that Microsoft has been using to describe titles that may look and/or play better on Xbox One X. This is "really a way to inform customers that a developer has done work that allows them to take advantage of all of the performance and all of the horsepower of the Xbox One X," Penello said.

"It's just a simple way for customers to understand, 'This game is doing something special on the Xbox One X."

Penello said developers will decide how to leverage the power of the Xbox One X as they see fit. Different games will do this in different ways. For example, Rise of the Tomb Raider will have an "enriched" mode, along with more advanced textures and "lush environments." Gears of War 4 will run at native 4K, using PC assets. And Forza Motorsport 7 will also run at a native 4K resolution, at 60 FPS, and with high-resolution textures.

You can see a list of all the Xbox One X-enhanced titles right here.

Finally, Penello pointed out that Microsoft will update the box art for some games to include "Xbox One X enhanced," while the Xbox digital store will display this information, too.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, priced at $500 in the United States. Pre-orders opened again today, and you can read GameSpot's in-depth guide here to find out how and where you can pre-order one.

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