What Do You Want To Know About Ark: Survival Evolved?

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Ark: Survival Evolved has been available in some form for two years now, and it's been wildly, consistently popular. It's sold many millions of copies. The game's full version launches in August for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Ahead of that, GameSpot is speaking to Jesse Rapczak, the art director and co-creative director at developer Studio Wildcard, which he co-founded. This is a rare opportunity to speak with one of the higher-ups at the studio who helps guide the direction of the hit dinosaur action game.

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We're trying something new for GameSpot with this interview. We want YOU to submit questions about Ark for Rapczak. Post them in the comments, and we'll select some to put directly to Rapczak. Ask whatever you want, but there is no guarantee that your question will be selected. We'll choose them based on newsworthiness, originality, humour, and other criteria. Go ahead! We're cutting off questions on Friday, July 21, so ask away!

Ark: Survival Evolved has been available via Early Access for two years. The game is getting a physical release on August 8 and will retail for $60. That is also true for the Steam version, which doubled in price recently to match that of the upcoming physical release. In addition to the standard edition, Ark will be released in an Explorer's Edition, which includes a season pass for $100, and a Limited Collector's Edition that comes with a number of physical extras for $160.

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