Wet developers building Naughty Bear

A2M's next project puts PS3, 360 gamers in control of scorned ursine protagonist that will scare the stuffing out of its own kind.


The last game from Artificial Mind and Movement, better known as A2M, was Wet, a stylishly violent shooter about a sexy mercenary out for revenge. The developer's next game will be about a teddy bear upset after not being invited to a birthday party.

Naughty Bear will not sell you fabric softener, but he might make you drink it.
Naughty Bear will not sell you fabric softener, but he might make you drink it.

505 Games today announced that it will publish A2M's Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime in 2010. The game follows protagonist Naughty Bear in a quest for vengeance on the bears who snubbed him, encouraging bad behavior as players engage in both conventional and psychological warfare with the other inhabitants of the Island of Perfection.

According to 505 Games, Naughty Bear will use weapons, objects, and scare tactics to unlock rewards. The game will also feature 30 levels, with distinct weaponry for each stage.

A2M has previous experience with cute-yet-combative wildlife, having developed 2008's Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors for the Wii and DS. Other recent projects from the studio include Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, MySims Racing, and the upcoming PSP version of Dante's Inferno. For more on the developer's latest game, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions of Naughty Bear.

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