Westworld's Eerie Opening Sequence Shows How Lifelike Robots Are Made

Westworld has finally arrived.


HBO's highly anticipated sci-fi/western Westworld debuted last night. Though you need a subscription to watch the show, the network has now released the program's opening credits for all to see.

The eerie sequence shows part of the process of how Westworld's lifelike androids are created. Unfinished robots are seen doing all manner of things, including having sex and playing the piano. It's all very striking and hard to look away from. The opening sequence also features a moody and suspenseful theme song. Game of Thrones and Gears of War 4 composer Ramin Djwadi scored the show. At the very end, Jeffrey Wright's character says, "Bring her back online."

The hour-long Westworld is based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name. It stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, and Thandie Newton.

Westworld is the name of a highly sophisticated simulated world that was created by Hopkins' character, Dr. Ford. The world is inhabited by lifelike androids called Hosts. People can pay to visit Westworld, where they can live out their fantasies without consequence--whatever they may be.

The show was made for TV by the husband-and-wife team of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Jonathan Nolan is the brother of director Christopher Nolan; the brothers wrote the Christopher Nolan-directed movies The Dark Knight and Interstellar. Star Wars director JJ Abrams is a producer on Westworld.

Critics recently posted their reviews for the first four episodes; reviews are mostly positive. There will be 10 episodes in Season 1, airing every Sunday evening at 9 PM on HBO.

Marsden has suggested there may be more Westworld to come after Season 1, though HBO has yet to confirm this.

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