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Westworld Will Reportedly Be Removed From HBO Max, Moved To Another Service

Westworld and The Nevers are getting axed from HBO Max and will return on another internal service at some point in the future, a report said.


One of HBO's flagship series, Westworld, is reportedly being removed from HBO Max. Deadline reports that Westworld, along with Joss Whedon's The Nevers, will be cut from HBO Max as parent company Warner Bros. Discovery shifts them to other streaming services within the company's network. As of today, December 13, they remain available to stream on HBO Max.

The TV shows Minx, Love Life, and Gordita Chronicles are being pulled from HBO Max as well, Deadline reported. This is all happening, apparently, as Warner Bros. Discovery's new CEO David Zaslav pivots some of the company's businesses to the world of "free ad-supported streaming TV services," or FAST platforms. Zaslav is reportedly doing a year-end financial review, and the HBO Max slate of programming has been and continues to be affected by these financial measures.

Not long after taking over as the new CEO, Zaslav made big moves like cancelling the Batgirl movie, scrapping CNN+, and talking about creating more Harry Potter content. WB Discovery has also enacted multiple rounds of layoffs as it attempts to find $3 billion worth of savings.

Westworld was recently canceled after four seasons, meaning fans won't get the answers they wanted in another season, which the creators were planning. Its removal, at some point to come in the future, is a bummer for fans who might not have been able to catch up entirely. It's unknown when, exactly, Westworld could be pulled from HBO Max and when it could release on another service.

The Westworld actors are still being paid for Season 5, even though it's not happening. Series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are now making a live-action Fallout TV series for Amazon.

As for The Nevers, Season 1A debuted in 2021 and plans were underway for the second part of the first season. This second installment of Season 1, which will be the show's last, will now air on the show's new platform, but what that is remains to be seen.

HBO Max and Discovery+ are reportedly going to merge into a single streaming service simply titled "Max," but this and other details have yet to be confirmed.

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