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Westworld Story Catch-Up: Everything You Need To Know Before The Season 2 Premiere


Lies that told a deeper truth.

It's been over a year since HBO's Westworld was on our screens and, for even the most attentive viewers, it might be a struggle to remember everything that happened. That's not to say your memories aren't in tip-top shape, it's more that Westworld was an incredibly nuanced exploration of AI sentience, moral and ethical obligations, and the darker side of human nature--and those are just a few of the complicated themes it tackles.

Trying to understand all that while also keeping track of the plot was tricky at the time, so you'd be forgiven for forgetting some of the finer details. Luckily for you, we've put together a quick recap that will walk you through everything that happened, both inside Westworld's Wild West theme park and outside of it. In the video above resident Westworld superfan and ... host (geddit?) ... Lucy James will walk you through all the important moments from the first season so that, by the time you're done watching, you'll be ready to jump into Season 2.

Westworld Season 2 begins airing on April 22. A trailer for the new season has been released, and offered a glimpse at a Shogun world, where we'll likely get to see William (Jimmi Simpson) before he became the Man In Black visiting Dolores in the Delos labs. This moment could be key to further exploring his transformation from the lovesick wanderer with feelings for a robot to the heartless monster that caused so much chaos in the first season.

Interestingly, someone has found a secret binary code hidden in the Westworld season 2 trailer. When decoded it reveals a link to a hidden page on the Delos website, which is a commercial for the company and its theme parks--specifically Westworld. However, some really haunting imagery also be seen there.

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