Westworld Season 3 Review Roundup: What Do The Critics Think?

Find out what other critics have said about the new season of the HBO series.


HBO's hit sci-fi series Westworld is about to return to television for Season 3. The new season consists of eight episodes, and Episode 1 begins airing on March 15. Now, critic reviews are rolling in, but what do they think of the brand-new season?

Much like previous seasons, Season 3 of Westworld is shrouded in a bit of mystery, and the majority of the reviews that are available online are currently spoiler-free. Currently, the Metacritic score for the new season is "to be determined" as the site collects the reviews. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, the third season is rated at 77% based on 13 reviews.

Below, you'll find a few of the reviews floating around the internet for Season 3 of the show. These reviews are not for the full season, though. It's only for the first four episodes or the first half of the new season. Check them out below.

Westworld Season 3 cast:

  • Aaron Paul
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Thandie Newton
  • Ed Harris
  • Jeffrey Wright
  • Tessa Thompson
  • Lena Waithe
  • Scott Mescudi
  • Luke Hemsworth

Season 3 of Westworld comes to HBO on Sunday, March 15.


"Westworld succeeds in offering thought-provoking ideas about the world, its design and whether our narratives are prewritten. But now that we've left the theme park and its blend of philosophy, violence, nudity and cowboy outfits, there's a touch of hollowness and disenchantment to the expansive, neon-lined vistas of an LA dystopia." - Jennifer Bisset [Full review]


"Westworld remains, reservations aside, a well-made and engaging show whose vision of the future, however constrained, has more to offer than its competitors'. And its action has a perverse, Blumhouse-y nastiness that works well. But in becoming a totally fine action serial, Westworld has taken a significant step back from being great. In its convolutions and its grand grasping curiosity, Westworld used its story to examine, and to try to show, what it feels like to live through seismic changes in our understanding of the consciousness." - Daniel D'Addario [Full review]

TV Guide -- 4/5

"This is a show that, like the most successful new tech, has shed its previous form and evolved into an entirely new product, which Nolan and Joy hinted at from the very beginning. It might take time to get used to, but after a while, we'll hopefully recognize it as an inevitable improvement that we couldn't imagine being without. At eight episodes, there's still four episodes for the bugs to show, but halfway through the season, Westworld looks like a vital show again." - Tim Surette [Full review]

Entertainment Weekly -- B-/C

"After spending three seasons struggling through maddeningly complicated time-loops, it’s time the writers let Dolores, Maeve, and Bernard control-alt-delete themselves." - Kristen Baldwin and Darren Franich [Full review]

Indiewire - C+

"If you're simplifying the maze, you have to make the streamlined journey a little more fun--and Westworld, like a farm boy with no rhythm, just doesn't know how to cut loose." - Ben Travers [Full review]

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