Westworld Season 2 Trailer Reveals April Release Date

Dolores is on the warpath.

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Now Playing: Westworld - Season 2 Official Super Bowl LII Teaser Trailer

A new trailer for Westworld Season 2 aired during Super Bowl LII. Along with providing us with a look at the upcoming season, it also revealed the new season's release date: April 22. We also get to see Dolores on the warpath against her makers.

"Look at this world. This beautiful world. We built this world together. A world where dreams come true. A world where you can be free. But this world is a lie," Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) says over a rousing piano version of Kanye West's "Runaway." "This world deserves to die. Because this is your world. We've lived by your rules long enough. We can save this world. We can burn it to the ground, and from the ashes build a new world. Our world."

Anyone who watched Westworld Season 1 knows how exciting that is to hear. The Season 2 trailer is full of gorgeous shots of open plains, horses, cowboys, and Native Americans, but in expected Westworld fashion, those beautiful sights quickly begin to fall apart. The mechanical bulls goring a room full of soldiers is the perfect encapsulation of what this show is all about.

There are plenty of other intriguing glimpses in the trailer, including a group of mysterious black-clad strangers accompanied by Jeffrey Wright's Bernard, shots of Maeve and Clementine, what looks like it may be Louis Herthum's Peter Abernathy being tortured in a chair, the Man in Black looking sad in the rain, and what appears to be the aftermath of the Season 1 finale's violent party. That's not even mentioning all the quick shots at the end.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere on HBO April 22. You can see more of this year's Super Bowl commercials below.

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