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Westworld Season 2: The 5 Biggest Fan Theories

"You can't play God without being acquainted with the Devil."

HBO's Westworld Season 1 ended in a satisfying way but also left a number of threads dangling to keep fans speculating. On April 22 we'll return to the park once more and see what the fallout of the spectacular season finale has been and where it will go from there. As expected, in the lead-up to the premiere, the Westworld theorycrafting community has been putting in the work to scour the internet, cross-reference with the show, and put together their ideas on what's in store for us.

Some of these theories are pretty out there, but in a show where humans visit a theme park and treat almost-human AIs as their playthings, nothing can really be too crazy. With that in mind GameSpot's Lucy James has done some digging of her own and, to prepare you for Westworld Season 2, put together a list of the five most compelling and mind-bending fan theories out there.

In the video above, with the help of the Westworld community, she delves into the motivations behind Delos and its interest in the park, whether Dolores is based on another human being, and even whether there's more to that climactic moment from the Season 1 finale than meets the eye, among other things. Naturally, there's going to be spoilers for Season 1, so beware.

If you'd like to get a refresher on everything that has happened so far, before delving into what could happen in the series' future, check out our Westworld Season 1 recap, which will get you up-to-speed in just 12 minutes.

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