Westworld Season 2 Poster Has Hidden Clues Pointing To A New Video

"Now you're in my game."


There's still a month before the second season of Westworld debuts on HBO, but the game is already afoot. A motion poster for the new season has been released and, upon closer inspection, the image has a special message buried within it.

While on the surface, the poster teases the future of Westworld as "chaos takes control," it took almost no time for some clever fans on Reddit to dig a little bit deeper. Hidden in the image is a hexadecimal code that translates to the URL of a new video from the season. While the 16-second clip is mostly a series of quick cuts, there are some very interesting things to be seen.

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"Now you're in my game," a young voice says. "And this game is 'Find the Door.'" The identity behind the young voice remains a mystery, but it's entirely possible that it's a young Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). Though Ford was killed at the end of Season 1, producers have confirmed he will appear via flashbacks in the new episodes. As for his proclamation that they are now playing "Find the Door," producers have already revealed that "The Door" will be the subtitle for this season, much like the first was dubbed "The Maze."

As for the visuals, two shots of the entrance to Shogun World can be seen in the clip, including one where a woman is entering the offshoot of the theme park. If anything, that's a good tease that viewers will be entering Shogun World at some point in Season 2. Perhaps, Dolores will take her robot uprising to other worlds.

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Even with all of these hints and teases, so much of Westworld Season 2 is still completely unknown. If you weren't expecting that, though, you've clearly never seen Westworld. Luckily, you have plenty of time to catch up before Season 2 premiere on April 22 on HBO.

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