Westworld Fan Theories, Violence, Possibility of a Second Season, and More Discussed by HBO Boss

It's "looking really good" for Season 2.


As the first season of HBO's Westworld continues, the network's president of programming has now spoken up to discuss the possibility of a second season, some of the fan theories, and the show's violent nature.

On the subject of a renewal for Season 2, Casey Bloys told Variety it's "looking really good," but he won't make the call until he has a "very complete picture of the ratings." The early results are promising, and even pacing ahead of Game of Thrones in some ways, but for Bloys, it's too soon to confirm a Season 2.

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The executive added that Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have yet to pitch him on their ideas for Season 2. We've heard before that they have five or six years worth of Westworld ideas mapped out.

Westworld Episode 5 is coming up this Sunday, October 30, bringing the show's first season to its halfway point. Bloys teased that viewers can expect a "satisfying end" that answers questions, but probably not all of them, considering how much is going on.

"I think people will get the answers they're looking for by the end of Season 1. A lot of the ones that people are buzzing about," he said, without getting more specific. Later in the interview, he clarified that "satisfaction" may be a better term than "answer," which makes sense given that nothing seems to be black and white in Westworld.

One thing he did confirm was that by the end of Westworld Season 1, viewers will see the story between Dr. Ford and the Man in Black play out. The teaser video for Episode 5 shows a sit-down between the two characters--and they don't seem to be friends.

Also in the interview, Bloys was asked if some fan theories are correct. He said, "I've been very impressed with how they've constructed the guesses. I'll just say, they're getting close."

You can watch this spoiler-filled video to hear some of our theories from Episode 4.

Finally, Bloys spoke about Westworld's level of violence. Violence is nothing new for HBO, but people have criticized Westworld's violence in particular because, in some cases, there is minimal context, if any, provided. "I know it’s something that [Nolan and Joy] are mindful of," he said. "I think it's fair to say that it's a question where, if it continues, it will hopefully have some context to it."

For more on Westworld, check out some new images from Episode 5 here.

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