Westworld Episode 7: Star and Producers Talk About That Major Reveal [SPOILERS]

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This post contains major spoilers about Westworld Episode 7.

Last night's episode of Westworld, "Trompe L'oeil," revealed what some fans saw coming: Bernard is not a human but instead a host. Not only that, but he murders Theresa Cullen, his former lover, at Dr. Ford's request. Now, Bernard actor Jeffrey Wright has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about the momentous episode for the character.

He said he didn't know Bernard was a robot until after they shot the pilot. As for the reveal itself, Wright said it was not done for "shock value." Previous episodes of Westworld suggested the possibility that Bernard was a robot--and this was by design.

"It's woven into the logic behind the relationship of the characters and it's not done for any shock value. There are very specific reasons why he is synthetic," Wright said. "If fans weren't at all aware, or didn't have any suspicions, that would have been a disservice to them and undermine the quality of storytelling."

You may recall that a previous episode of Westworld showed Bernard speaking with his wife, while Episode 7 contained a flashback sequence of what happened to his son. These were artificial memories, made to flesh out Bernard's backstory and character, apparently.

Read the full Entertainment Weekly interview with Wright here.

Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan also spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Episode 7. Joy said she was "careful" about how much she wanted to tell Wright about the nature of Bernard, so as to inform the way he performed the role.

"He's such a skilled actor he was able to play a robot thinking he's a human very well, he's playing it on a couple different levels at the same time, and absolutely brilliant about it," she said. "We didn't want him to feel like we pulled the rug out from under him."

Joy also discussed the weight of the scene where not only Bernard's true nature is revealed, but he also murders Cullen. "It horrifies us, and it horrifies him. It's a betrayal of everything that he--as a man he thought he was--believed in," she said. "He had real feelings for Theresa. It's meant to make the sadness and the horror of his manipulation all the more real because it has such costs."

Also in the interview, Nolan said the host character Clementine (Angela Sarafyan)--who was basically lobotomized in Episode 7--may return with a different personality.

"They're physically removing part of her personality," he said. "It's like when the NSA has a hard drive they want to get rid of. They don't just erase it, they drill holes in it. The mind of the hosts are organized similar to a human mind, with that frontal lobe containing most of the code for her personality. So the person we know as Clementine is largely gone."

Go to Entertainment Weekly to read the full interview with Joy and Nolan.

There are three more episodes to come in Westworld Season 1. A second season has not yet been confirmed, but it seems likely that it will happen.

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