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Western Digital SSD Black Friday Deal Adds 4TB To Your PS5

Futureproof your PS5 and PC with this big discount on Western Digital's 4TB SSD.


There's no denying it: Video games are getting bigger and standard consoles are struggling to keep up. Fortunately, PC and PS5 owners can grab a great Black Friday deal on this Western Digital SSD that'll add a chunky 4TB of storage capacity to your system. Normally $372, this sleek piece of NVMe technology is currently on sale for $300.

WD Black 4TB SSD
WD Black 4TB SSD

Even better, this WD SSD has been officially licensed by Sony and comes with a heatsink that has been specifically designed to fit into the M2 slot of that console. For the technical specs, it has read/write speeds up to 7,300 megabytes per second, so you won't need to worry about sitting through lengthy loading screens. This PCIe Gen 4 SSD is easy to install, and its militaristic design makes for an eye-catching product. Sure, you're never going to see it again after you install it in your PS5 or PC, but for that brief moment, you'll be able to stare at something that is visually slick.

In case this deal sells out, Western Digital also offers smaller capacity SSDs as well, so you can pick up 1TB and 2TB versions. For an alternative brand, you can't go wrong with Samsung's SSD, as these are also on sale during Black Friday. These are smaller, but they're also excellent upgrades for your PC or PS5. The 2TB 980 Pro and the better 990 Pro are available for $120 each and these also come with their own heatsinks.

There are also PS5 Black Friday deals available and you can take advantage of bundle deals that offer the slim PS5 console with a newly released game. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Slim bundle and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS5 bundle are priced at $500 each, while DualSense controllers have been discounted to $49.

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