We're Now Getting Four Avatar Sequels From James Cameron

All four will be out by 2023.


Not content with making just three sequels back-to-back, James Cameron has announced plans to make four sequels to Avatar that will be released between now and 2023.

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Cameron, who directed the original Avatar as well as movies like Terminator 2, Aliens, and Titanic, announced the news at CinemaCon on Thursday. "The next time I see you will be on Pandora," he said, Variety reports.

The first of these movies will arrive in 2018, and will be followed by the other three around the Christmas periods in 2020, 2022, and 2023. These will all be filmed at the same time, and each tells a standalone story. Together, they'll create a "complete saga."

"We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic project, making four epic films, each of which stands alone but together forms a complete saga," he said.

Previous plans were for Avatar 2 to launch in December 2017, but back in January it was delayed.

At the time, only three sequels were in development. During CinemaCon today, Cameron said the original plan was for two sequels, which was then bumped up to three, and now four.

"So far, what I am seeing in pure imagination is far beyond the first film," he said, adding that those who have seen concepts were "speechless."

The original Avatar, released in 2009, set worldwide box office records. It remains the top-grossing movie of all-time, though Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently bested its opening weekend, among other records.

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