Well-Known PUBG Streamer Banned For Team Killing, Gets Into Argument With Dev

Don't joke about violence with Playerunknown.


DrDisrespect is a popular Playerunknown's Battlegrounds streamer--one of the biggest, in fact. But that doesn't mean that he's exempt from the rules of the game. When he was caught on video team-killing another player to make room in a vehicle, he was banned by developer Bluehole for breaching the game's terms of service. The incident caused a heated exchange between DrDisrespect and Playerunknown himself.

During a stream, DrDisrespect decided to eliminate one of his squadmates who had gotten into a vehicle with him. It happens that this squadmate had been randomly matchmade with DrDisrespect and the two did not know each other previously. In addition, another squadmate, Grimmmz, was recording the confrontation--thus, there's video proof of DrDisrespect's team kill:

Following the ban handed down to DrDisrespect, Brendan "Playerunknown" Greene tweeted out, "If you break the rules in [Battlegrounds]... No matter who you are... You're gonna have a bad time!" DrDisrespect responded with a threat of violence against Greene, which is in line with the streamer's online persona.

Greene, however, did not take this lightly, answering, "Suggesting violence is the best way to solve a disagreement is just wrong, even if you are playing a character." After receiving criticism for taking DrDisrespect's tweet seriously, Greene gave more details, explaining that he doesn't joke about violence due to his own personal experience. You can read his full response here. It's also worth noting that DrDisrespect's ban is apparently temporary.

Battlegrounds is currently available in early access on PC, and it's coming to Xbox One sometime this year. It's consistently been at the top of Steam's charts, recently passing Grand Theft Auto V to become the fourth all-time for concurrent users.

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