Weezer, Sum 41 front August Guitar Hero DLC

Eclectic additions to Activision's latest music game include headliners The Used, Megadeth, and P.O.D.; tunes compatible with next month's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.


Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

No Caption Provided Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Activision's latest foray into the music-game space, is due out next month, but the publisher isn’t focusing entirely on that upcoming release. The company today announced five distinct track packs coming to the world of Guitar Hero during the month of August.

Each pack consists of three songs from artists ranging from scream rockers The Used to alt-group Weezer. Tracks from each pack will be available as an individual purchase (160 MS points, 200 Wii points, or $1.99). Tracks can also be purchased bundled together on the Xbox 360 (440 MS points) and PlayStation 3 ($5.49).

All tracks are compatible with Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero, as well as the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Now you can play as Taylor Swift singing Megadeth's
Now you can play as Taylor Swift singing Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction."

August 3 - The Used Pack
"Taste of Ink"
"The Bird and the Worm"
"Pretty Handsome Awkward"

August 10 - The Sum 41 Track Pack
"Fat Lip"
"In Too Deep"
"Still Waiting"

August 17 - The Weezer Track Pack
"Beverly Hills"
"Pork and Beans"
"Island in the Sun"

August 24 - The Megadeth Track Pack
"Symphony of Destruction"
"Hangar 18"
"Peace Sells"

August 31 - The P.O.D. Track Pack
"Youth of the Nation"

Looking forward, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will come with more than 90 on-disc tracks, and more than 500 songs will be available in the Guitar Hero Music Store when the game is released next month. Of note, Warriors of Rock features an original track from Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, titled "Sudden Death," and from the recently reformed Soundgarden, who will release "Black Rain" exclusively in the game.

Additionally, classic rockers Black Sabbath, Queen, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top will have their songs featured in the game.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is due out September 28 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii. For more information, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on impressions with the game's new Quest mode.

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