Weekly Wrap-Up: Turn Back Time

Take a brief trip back to the way things used to be for the Weekly Report.


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The Recap

All is quiet on the GameSpot front. That's not because there haven't been any posts. Due to many issues that have currently occurred, we are at the moment unable to post in the manner we have in the previous weeks. However, this week's Wrap-Up will be kicking it old-school style.


The Controller Reality Show: We are already up to episode four of The Controller, the new Web series that pits six pros with six newbies for the chance to win $50,000. There's a leaderboard, as well as a roll call page for you to get in on the action and earn emblems!

Blacklight: Retribution Beta Keys: Want to get in on the beta for Blacklight: Retribution? What is Blacklight: Retribution? Brought to you by Perfect World Entertainment, this first-person shooter is based in a futuristic urban war zone for the PC. How can you get in on the beta to try out this game? Simply tune into this week's episode of On the Spot and be among the first to answer the trivia question for your chance to win a key!

Member Spotlight

This week's member spotlight shines on SQUALL20XX for his superlative emblem-creating skills. He lends his talents to the highly coveted E.V.O Emblem, so let's hear three cheers for him!

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Union of the Week

This week's featured union goes to Gamers Planet, a union established back in 2009 that has made it a place where gamers can come together to talk about new and old releases for just about any console. Be sure to stop by and check it out or simply congratulate it on its victory and union level feature!

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Blog Bunker

Here we see some interesting blogs that were written this week by some of the talent of GameSpot.
"Dishonorable Discharge" By: pokecharm
"Super Mario 3D Land and Zelda Skyward Sword reviews" By: ad0234
"Whining About Uncharted 3 (WARNING: Ending Spoilers)" By: Rottenwood
"Skyrim: Early Impressions" By: Uesugi-dono
"Mass Effect 3: A Gateway Drug?" By: yeah_write
"Who doesn't love a good RPG" By: NeonNinja

User Reviews

Top 100
Batman: Arkham City By: AK_the_Twilight
[8.5 - Great] Batman: Arkham City is the definitive Batman experience, offering diverse gameplay and a gripping open-world design.
DLC Quest By: JustPlainLucas
[7 - Good] DLC quest is a game that's sold to you bit by bit (with in-game currency, thank god).
Kirby's Return to Dreamland By: Pierst179
[7.5 - Good] Return to Dreamland does everything right, but does not excel at anything

Top 500
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor By: Aberinkulas
[9 - Superb] or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Rail Shooter
Beach-Head By: Azghouls
[7 - Good] Beach Head earmarked a new evolution to the tactical war games genre as it's entirely action-orientated.
Dark Souls By: GeekyDad
[9.5 - Superb] So That Fans May Be Mended
DeathSpank By: kbaily
[8 - Great] An epic adventure lined with blood and steel and bacon!
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger By: ZanarkandTidus
[8 - Great] A very stylish and creative fighting game and one of the most beautiful looking fighting games I have played.

Top 1,000
Battlefield 3 By: adit942
[9 - Superb] Multiplayer - redefined !
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception By: bugbag
[9.5 - Superb] Uncharted 3 improves on a variety of aspects, and is as polished as gold in nearly every regard.
Dark Sector By: ChiefFreeman
[5.5 - Mediocre] Dark Sector is a derivative, dull third person action game with only one saving grace: the Glaive.
Batman: Arkham City By:cronosblaster
[9 - Superb] "It's billionaire, Vicki. Millionaire is so last year."
Sonic Generations By: gamefreak197
[9 - Superb] Old School collides with New School to create one of the very best Sonic experiences ever.
Valkyria Chronicles: Selvaria's Mission - Behind Her Blue Flame By: siberian142
[8.5 - Great] Behind Her Blue Flame is a prime example of downloadable content done right.
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception By: skratchmasta
[9 - Superb] Unforgettable, incomparable, unmissable.
Battlefield 3 By: Uesugi-dono
[7.5 - Goo] This is not your PC's Battlefield.

Tip of the Week

Issues With the Site Continue
We understand that these issues are frustrating, and we appreciate your patience during this time. If you notice something wrong with the site's functionality, please feel free to let us know in the site enhancements forums. And make sure to keep in mind that clear and concise descriptions about the issue are far more useful than telling us something like "L2 not glitch GS."

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