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UBS Warburg releases its latest video game sales chart.


Investment research firm UBS Warburg has released its latest weekly video game sales chart. The top of the list has not changed since the 2896396previous chart , though the recently released Metal Gear Solid: Substance and the Xbox and GameCube versions of Medal of Honor Frontline jumped into the sales ranks. EA's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets franchise made an early appearance, because retailers have starting selling the game in advance of its official release date later this week.

For the week of November 4 to November 11:

Rank / Title / Publisher / Platforms
1 / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City / Take-Two / PS2
2 / Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 / Activision / PS2, Xbox, GC, GBA, PS
3 / The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers / Electronic Arts / PS2
4 / Metal Gear Solid: Substance / Konami / Xbox
5 / Medal of Honor: Frontline / EA / Xbox, GC, PS2
6 / Kingdom Hearts / EA / PS2
7 / Madden NFL 2003 / EA / PS2, Xbox, GC, GBA, GBC, PS
8 / Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / EA / PS2, Xbox, GC, GBA, GBC, PS
9 / Mario Party 4 / Nintendo / GC
10 / Hitman 2 / Eidos / PS2, Xbox

The chart above represents the estimated relative sales positions at US retailers. UBS Warburg polled major retailers and game publications, including GameSpot, to compile the rankings.

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