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- Event coverage: Attend the Gamer Developers Conference 2009 virtually! We have plans to have a live press conference broadcast on Tuesday March 24 at 7pm PT. A little birdy told me that there will be an emblem for this press conference. Sometimes birdies lie, but it's worth a try [oh, I rhymed]. Then stop by on Wednesday for a special GDC episode of On the Spot.

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- Emblem Activity: We are giving everyone one more chance to get their Reader's Choice emblem. Stop by here for the instructions .

- Game Night Status: If all goes well, we should be returning Game Nights on March 31st. Post your game recommendation.

Member Spotlight

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This week's member spotlight goes to DouglasBuffone for his event report . Doug headed out to Las Vegas to attend the Red Faction Guerilla press event. Stop by to see pictures and read the full report!

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User Reviews

Below is this week's activity from the top 100 and 500 reviewers list.

- ShellShock 2: Blood Trails (PC) dark_being
- SiN (PC) Aberinkulas
- Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) doctor_kaz
- X-Blades (PS3) Domstercool
- Eternal Sonata (360) Garrison_Ford
- Saints Row 2 (360) NBAmaster33
- Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos (SNES) SophinaK
- Alien Syndrome (Wii) zh666

Featured Videos

- Guitar Hero Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls gameplay by Dzjaansis. The video features mostly gameplay, but there are some shots of the band as well.

- Star Ocean: The Last Hope - My own battle by tjoeb123. Primarily gameplay but tjoeb does a little teaser in the beginning.

Honorable mentions: cjgangsta posted a video blog about MMOs, while sky-ia posted three videos of Rodland gameplay footage.

Randomness teh Awesome

Seems that many of you enjoy this corner of the weekly report!

View Me!

- kansasdude2009 has posted some pictures of his gaming set up.

- kittykatz5k has posted 5 animes reviews for the following: Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Paranoia Agent, and Bleach.

- Writer1983 recently realized just how good it is to be bad for a change. She shares her impressions about GTA: Chinatown Wars on the DS.

- Frozen Liquid has been added to the Soapbox. Check out his recent editorial about game art.

- RasutoSSAikou recently wrote a blog about gender identification. Does gaming really have no gender?


- GameSpot DS forum posters are hosting an unofficial Pokemon Tournament for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Platinum. Registration ends on April 10th

- The mods have started a new game night for those who want to bash them in the game. Psst, it's really the only way you can without breaking the ToU.

Union Activities

- The Anime Café have posted previews about some upcoming spring releases of Anime. Check out their first report and then drop by the second report .

Tip of the Week

GameSpot Soapbox is a place where rants and ramblings about gaming and other topics are posted on GameSpot. Who particpates in this feature? A variety of GameSpot editors and selected GameSpot users. If you are profiecent in writing skills and have some interesting incite about the gaming industry create a blog post and use the category "editorial". If you would like to avoid being considered, use another drop down menu other than Editorial.

On a related note, we have cleaned out a lot of inactive soabox users last week and will continue to finish up the spring cleaning later this week. If you haven't been an active blogger in general, it is highly likely the association to soapbox will be removed.

Until next week!

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