Weekly Report: Summer Style

GameSpot celebrates the first Friday of summer with activities, giveaways, and more!


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Uncharted 3 Beta Giveaway

So you've likely been itching to get your hands on Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Well, we've got something that might hold you over until its release on November 1. There will be multiple ways you can get the multiplayer beta starting June 28.
Each code provided unlocks the "Creepy Crawler Kickback," allowing players to turn into a pack of creepy little critters to attack enemies! We have hundreds of codes we'll be passing out around our communities through the Internet, so keep your eyes peeled on GameSpot Fuse, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook, and maybe other shows we have!
On Thursday, we gave away some beta codes during On the Spot trivia, and more will be given away in next week's GameSpot Sync episode. If you need any additional information about the Uncharted 3 beta, drop by the official PlayStation blog.

Spanking New Weekly Featured Union Border
A returning feature to the Weekly Report is featured unions! But we can't let them go on stage looking like some kind of plane Jane now, can we? We need a way to make them sparkle and shine with a special flare all their own. What do we have in mind for this new feature? Well, we thought what better way to primp the featured union than by letting your fellow unionists show their stuff! We will be running a contest for the next few weeks in a hunt for the perfect border to place perfect unions in. For more details check out this link here!

How to Better Video Games Update
Well, after pouring through nearly hundreds of pages of blogs, picking a winner, re-picking a winner, and getting second, third, and fourth options, a decision was finally made in regards to the winner of the "How to Better Video Games Blog Activity" Bozanimal was selected for the thought-provoking concept of giving away consoles. It wasn't easy and many blogs came close. The following users had some pretty stellar ideas, so feel free to give them a look as well. Oh, and don't forget to give three cheers to Bozanimal who is now the proud owner of matching sidewinder keyboard and gaming mouse! Well played. The following users had some fantastic entries so feel free to check out what they had to say about making history: chicknfeet | phazer | bugbag | -Saigo- | gbrading

Pretty in Pink Image Guessing Activity
National Pink Day was on Thursday June 23, and in celebration of that day, we posted an activity in our General Games Discussion board featuring some of our favorite pink ladies (and a few gentlemen). Do you have the superior gaming knowledge to decipher the gaming character that is oh so pretty in pink? Well if you do, you can be the proud new owner of the "Pretty in Pink" emblem. Click here to learn more about this activity!

Cars 2 Game Night
If you'd like to get in some super spy car action in multiplayer, this game offers extensive mods for multiplayer, so it's a good choice for a game night. We're trying to determine if the following Wednesday will work better, so feel free to vote on when you play to pick up the game.

Team Fortress 2 Game Night!
Come and get your frag on! Now that TF2 is FREE TO PLAY we've decided to bump up the community game night from Wednesday July 6th to Wednesday June 29th. So make sure to practice and get your FREE TO PLAY VERSION from Steam for the PC for next weeks community game night!

Quake Celebration Continues!
The game night celebration on June 22 for Quake's 15th celebration went pretty well. Some people weren't able to install the nQuake freeware version, including myself, but majority of GameSpotters got it working in no time. We'd like to give you another chance to celebrate Quake's 15th birthday with a little activity in the game night union. To participate, you need to check out some Quake-related videos and answer some questions. That sounds easy enough, right? Jody is biased about Quake, but if it gives you another chance for an emblem, just go with it!

Member Spotlight

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This week's member spotlight shines on Dan_Lero for taking the time and effort to create his Guess That Game Villain Activity! For more details check out his profile here

GameSpot Spotlight Channel

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- L.A. Noire Video Review
- E3 Song
- Fate of World
- DJ Hero - Tears for Fears - Shout!

Union of the Week

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Final Fantasy Experience has been keeping its nose to the grind since 2005 making sure people are kept up to date on all things Final Fantasy. The community is bustling and constantly growing. It has a cool Game Coverage menu that provides information on a bunch of games in the Final Fantasy universe.

Staff Fingerprints

- Guy Cocker shares a "History of Gaming" video.
- Kurtis Seid posted a comment in the Dungeon Siege III game guide page that the guide has been updated with a few side quests missed from the Raven's Rill.

Blog Bunker

- JustPlainLucas is now playing ilomilo.
- kbaily shares some strong opinions on Pixar's latest feature, Cars 2.
- Rottenwood's gives a Retro Recap of Final Fantasy IV.
- Asagea_888 asks the age-old question, "Would you like to play again?"
- yeah_write reminds us that it's in the little things.
- edubuccaneer shares his E3-crazy, flu-ridden blog post.
- Maluigi discusses his most anticipated game of 2012.
- SuperfastSonic's shares a wish list for the future of Super Smash Bros.
- phoenixgaiangel shares Trails in the Sky impressions.
- biggest_loser reviews "The Hangover Part II."

User Reviews

- Venetica Azghouls
- Terraria -Saigo-
- F.E.A.R. 3 PeterDuck
- Portal 2 mattsn22
- Outland JustPlainLucas
- Mass Effect 2 charlie_killer
- Child of Eden gamefreak197
- Dungeon Siege III OnyXerO
- Duke Nukem Forever newkillerstar27
- Batman: Arkham Asylum AzelKosMos
- LittleBigPlanet Bamul
- Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children AK_the_Twilight
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii xGlenn11x
- MadWorld ZanarkandTidus
- Starship Defense GeekyDad
- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Asagea_888
- Donkey Kong Country sequekhan

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