Weekly Report: Springing forward!

Community News - GameSpot has a new site blog dedicated to continue coverage of Online games.


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- GameSpot has a new site blog dedicated to continue coverage of Online games. Stop by to read the first post.

- Need for Speed decals giveaway (US/18+) begins tomorrow. Stop by this thread tomorrow morning to get the scoop about how you can enter the drawing.

- Missing the Reader's choice award emblem? Never fear! Post here from now until Friday, March 13, 2009. After this coming Friday the emblem vault will be closed for this ghetto emblem.

- Emoticons feedback is being considered. Stop to join in on the discussion.

Member Spotlight

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eajack has written a blog about the different kinds of characters found in games. He asks a variety of questions about why gamers play mute characters in some of our favorite game titles over the past year. Stop by his blog to read more about one-dimensional game characters.

User Reviews:
Below is this week's activity from the top 100 and 500 reviewers list.

- Killzone 2 (PS3) by wonderboy_46
- Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS) by nintendofreak_2
- Suikoden III (PS2) by 3KindgomsRandy
- Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (PC) by Domstercool
- GTAIV: Lost & Damned (360) by NBAmaster33
- Silent Hill (PS1) by Video_Game_King
- Ninety-Nine Nights (360) by zh666

Featured Videos

- Banana's don't like chess by certifieddata
- Gabu singing Texas Flood by GabuEx

Honorable mentions: Easy cr0wned achievement by white_sox and Odd Keystone in Twinleaf Town by mastetofthedark.

Randomness teh Awesome

- Off-Topic forum topic for this week is the 2009 OTcars Awards Ceremony. The OTcars is the Off-Topic Board's version of the Oscars. Users get a chance to nominate other users in categories like Best GS newcomer, Funniest User and King and Queen of OT.

- Legolas_Katarn recently posted a play by play of what happened in the Halo Wars marathon matches.

- Sackboy goes to Japan is a visual journey created by GameSpot's very own Sophia Tong.

Union Activities

The Pokemon League Union is hosting a Diamond and Pearl Tournament. read the rules and sign-up!

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Tip of the Week

We recently made an announcement in the Site Enhancement board about copyrighted and watermark user videos being removed from the site. If you have uploaded a video or watched a user video on GameSpot, stop by the thread for some important details .

Until next week!

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