Weekly Report: self-evident!

Community News - The new image viewer has rolled out on the site.


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- Site Change: The new image viewer has rolled out on the site. Go to your game list in your profile or do some searches for the gamespaces on the site.

- Event coverage: GDC week uncovered the hype around OnLIVE. Did you miss anything else? We continued to roll out the coverage this last weekend so stop by to make sure you didn't miss out on anything. Additionally, Tor Thorsen posted a blog with videos of the show floor

- Emblem: If you missed out on the GDC emblem there were some requirements. You needed to watch the OnLive unveiling during the live press conference and discuss the content. If you did both of these and didn't receive your emblem, drop by this reporting thread to claim your emblem.

- Game Night Update (finally!): Looks like Game Night will be returning next Tuesday with a new time frame to benefit our east coast and European GameSpotters. To make a return we wanted to have a game across a variety of platforms. Next week's game night will be Left for Dead on the PC and 360 from 4pm PT to 6pm PT.

- Illegal or Mature Advertisments? We have a new reporting thread in case there is an automated advertisements problem.

Member Spotlight

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This week's member spotlight goes to whoozwah for keeping it real. Whoozwah has a variety of suggestions on ways people can hold truths to be self evident . Here is an excerpt:

Not everything you like is "epic"

Not everything you dislike is "fail"

Sequels are better than remakes/ports

User Reviews

Below is this week's activity from the top 100 and 500 reviewers list.

- Starcraft (PC) Aberinkulas
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PC) doctor_kaz
- Thrillville: Off the Rails (360) Dreski83
- Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (360) DouglasBuffone
- Wheelman (360) wonderboy_46
- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP) AzelKosMos
- Avatar: The Last Airbender (Wii) zh666

Featured Videos

- MCU Game Night 1 Footage by vgm007. Footage from the Moderator Collective Union Game Night 1 - Gears of War 2.

- British Grenadiers Tribute bangell99 using Empire: Total War footage.

Honorable mentions:

- Rise of the Argonauts game ending by darkbeing
- RE5 And Stuff by Jbul

Randomness teh Awesome

- OnLIVE was the hot topic in blogs this week. Here's a collection of those who wrote about it: sieg6529, c_rake, Jerell_rast, FakePlasticSN32, nftw, wehttam16, xblane, kainsec, MrCHUP0N, shabulia and _LiquidFlame_.

- The_DRUGGIE has posted his top 5 annoying bosses of all time.

- floristandbicyc has been added to the Soapbox due to his well written editorial about Character Archetypes in video games .

- nutcracker from UK shares his impressions of Cryostasis, which should make it out to the US on April 20th ,

- Setho10 has posted a blog sharing many impressions; so much I cannot describe them.

- xriceballx has posted a blog celebration of 3 years on GameSpot. The blog includes some shoutouts to her GameSpot buddies.

- GDC Harmonix Party pictures and videos by JodyR.

Union Activities

RPG Temple is offering any and all role playing discussions around a variety of platforms. It's kind of like the General Games Discussion board, only you have to be very role playing eccentric. Stop by to read what they have to say about their recent discsussion related to Dragon Age: Origins.

Tip of the Week

This week's tip is about tagging, thanks to some help from GameSpot members, Avenger1324, JackBurton and ehsan8888. A tag is a word related to an item that another user has linked to it. Tags allow other users to search for content that have been "tagged" with the same word. For instance, check out Avenger1324's tag page. If you click on a keyword like Atari, which displays other users that tagged the content with the same keyword.

Tagging content is found in many areas on the site. Content such as forums, videos, gamespace pages, user images, user videos, articles [news, previews, features, reviews], blogs and threads all have a link or button to tag the content.

GameSpot also grants users an emblem depending on how much activity they have with tagging content.

Lastly, if you're interested in getting a keyword up in the tag cloud found on the forums directory, ehsan8888 suggests flagging content that is a not so popular keyword or game.

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Find more suggestions from the GameSpot members located in How To GameSpot thread.

We'll see you next week!

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