Weekly Report: Rolling "Need"

Today we talk about casting calls, awesome loot drops, and Mrs Violence.


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Time for Some Loot Drop!
Forget the partridge in a pear tree. This year GameSpot is having a 30-day Loot Drop giveaway bonanza. Loot Drop is GameSpot's chance to show our appreciation to our fans by giving you tons of free games and exclusive gaming merchandise. GameSpotters will enter for their chance to win fabulous prizes ranging from consoles, to games, to exclusive schwag, and more. Click here for the full details.

Gearbox Casting Call for a Live-Action Look-Alike for Beloved Borderlands Character
Have you ever wanted to be immortalized as a game icon?
Are you in or have transportation to Dallas, Texas?
Are you a total gaming siren?
Well, then do we have some good news for you, Gearbox Software is looking for someone to become the living, breathing representation of Lilith from Borderlands. This is your chance to appear in Borderlands 2 as the live-action version of the character. For more information about this fantastic opportunity, check this link here.
Disclaimer: The ability to phase walk is not required.

The Controller Episode 7 and Ask Mrs Violence
It has been quite an exciting few weeks on The Controller, and with the wrap of episode seven, we have only one episode remaining before the winner is crowned and walks off into the sunset with 50K. Mrs Violence has been a force to reckon with since the beginning (well maybe not in the first physical challenge).

Member Spotlight

This week's member Spotlight shines on the artistic talent of GameSpotter bbkkristian for an amazing Skyward Sword painting. Click here to take a look at this amazing piece of art work.

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Union of the Week

This week's featured union is the First Minecraft Union. Established in March of this year, this union is the premier place to go to discuss Minecraft. They have videos of some of their fantastic creations, and they are clearly excited about the release of 1.9. Drop by to see what they have going on.

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Tip of the Week - Terms of Service: Understanding Updates

Did you know that things were changing on GameSpot? No? Well, after asking for your opinion on things around the site, there are a few major changes coming to the way things work around the site. However, it is important to make note that the changes have not taken effect, and the TOU is still the same. When can you expect to see the changes? Soon, very soon. But it's important to remember that until those changes happen, make sure you still follow the current TOU.

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