Weekly Report: March in with the goodies!

Community news - You thought presents were only handed out to everyone during December, right? Well, not if you're a GameSpotter.


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You thought presents were only handed out to everyone during December, right? Well, not if you're a GameSpotter. We would like to roll out as many goodies as we can at times you would least expect it! Post a response to let us know which one of these goodies are your favorite.


For those of you with an iPhone, you'll be pleased to hear that a new version has been released. Visit the GameSpot URL while using your iPhone and check it out. I'm told there are capabilities to watch videos! I am now jealous of iPhone owners.

In other news, after about a month of public beta testing the new version of the WYSIWYG text editor has been rolled out on the site.

Last but not least is an experiment suggested by one of our creative users, Elk: Twitter style @reply tracking in the comments. GameSpot's bigethan implemented a way for you to respond to other members through comments. Stop by Ethan's post for further information. And if you have feedback, just let us know.

Member Spotlight

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EarthThatWas has caused an outbreak of discussion in the community! A variety of editorial blogs continued to pop-up because he got people thinking about downloadable content. He has racked up 83 comment responses since he posted his blog late last week. EarthThatWas also plans to create an ongoing DLC editorial series so stop by his profile and track him for future reads. On a related note, our honorable mentions go out to two other users who have an editorial about the same topic. Read what danny_dm_moore and mprezzy have to say about downloadable content.

User Reviews

Below is this week's activity from the top 100 and 500 reviewers list.

- Infinite Undiscovery (360) by zh666
- Peggle Deluxe (PC) by doctor_kaz
- Stairway to the Destined Duel (GBA) by Robot_Vampire
- Genji: Dawn of the Samurai (PS2) by Setho10

On a related note, 17 GameSpotters received the Top 500 Reviewers emblem and 4 GameSpotters received the Top 100 Reviewers emblem. Check out the User Reviews recommendation thread to see who received the emblem or suggest other user reviews!

Featured Videos

- Empire: Total War Video Review - gfile
- Fallout 3 National Guard Armoury Secret - champmanfan (aka wteSmithy)

Honorable mentions

- Missile Dodging in Crisis - jstamm33
- Ted DiBiase vs. The Recession - BrianEK

Mod of the Month

Each month GameSpot volunteer moderators send in their votes to the Community Manager over a course of a week. This month's moderator of the month goes to Teufelhuhn. To identify the current moderator of the month,mods have a temporary emblem on their profiles. We think of it as passing around a trophy.

Remember last month's voting thread that gave regular users a chance to vote for who they would have chosen as the moderator of the month? Last month's votes have been tallied and the majority voted for the same moderator that the mods voted for. How's that for questioning the if the volunteer moderators are coosing moderators that deserve a pat on the back? Thanks to everyone who voted, Gabu received a pat on the back from the mods and from other GameSpotters.

Now that we've chosen the moderator of the month for March, stop by this user vote thread and select who you should choose as the mod of the month based on their contributions in the community.

Randomness teh Awesome

- Off-Topic Thread - MOCHIRON_MAN has created a thread entitled Things that make you go hrmmm. Maybe you can answer his question about lightning striking the sea. Do you know why the fish do not die?

- Are Special Retail Game Editions really that special? Check out what OmegaNemesis28 has to say about the recent shooter games.

- AK_the_Twilight asks if the DSi will have a GBA. Would you buy the handheld if there was no GBA slot?

- The HotSpot homework emblem was handed jrabbit99 and thedarklinglord.

- Blizzard is welcoming patch feedback from Diablo II players. Stop by the official Battle.net forum to provide feedback that may be included in the next content patch.

PM Jody if you have any cool blogs, threads or images worth being mentioned! Make sure the PM subject title includes random teh awesome.

Union Activities

Gathering of PC Gamers Union has posted a guide that outlines some in-game general tips. Seems that nirmanag is a master of PC gaming knowledge because he plans to make a series about other PC games tips. Also check out his general gaming guide that was written a few weeks prior. Stop by the Union to check out any other happenings.

Tip of the Week

Want to know of ways to avoid getting moderated? This week's tip was written by nocoolnamejim, a GameSpot volunteer moderator. He's been a moderator since late last year and has decided to reach out to GameSpotters by providing a simple list about ways to avoid being moderated.

Below is an annotated version of his blog entitled, Five Simple Steps to Avoiding Moderations.

1. Listen, learn, and don't repeat: The moderation histories are there for you to learn from your mistakes and not continue with the same conduct.

2. Report, don't retaliate
. Reporting and ignoring keeps the flaming/trolling user from having content to report you.
3. Right or wrong, the ToU is ALWAYS right. When you accepted the Terms of Use agreement, is intended to protect users and keep the community discussions civil.

4. Don't be a rebel. You can be a rebel when playing the games, but GameSpot's community is not the place for it.

5. Remember, we can't hear the tone of your voice, see your body language or read your mind. Be sure to express your feelings or expressions through your text or use the emoticons.

The bold underlined content is his bullet pointed with a few comments from me. You'll want to check out his blog for his helpful information! Using these tips will keep you from getting any bad marks in your moderation history and continue with access on GameSpot.com.

Until next week!

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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