Weekly Report: Kicking off the New Year

Community News - We're back from the winter break with a robust weekly community report.


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We're back from the winter break with a robust weekly community report about activities happening on the site.

GameSpot Shows:
- On the Spot (GS US) will be back later this month and will bigger, badder and better.
- Start/Select (GS UK) will be back this Friday.
Stay tuned for more information about the rest of the GameSpot shows.

Event Coverage: Computer Electronics Show (CES) is around the corner. We'll have an events page later this week.

Community Game Night: GameSpot Game Night #70: Call of Duty: World at War (360 and PS3)

User Videos:
Doom Achievements Guide by Dysitis
- Remember the name Halo by Raiken56
Congrats to both of you for receiving the emblem entitled, As Seen on GameSpot.

Blog of the Week: bacchus2 is this week's community spotlight. He has been thinking about buying or renting games. Stop by to read what he and other GameSpotters have to say in his blog entitled Games: Collect, trade, rent?

User Reviews: Focusing on recent game releases, this week's user reviews were chosen from users who have the 'Top 100 Community Reviewers' emblem.
- Prince of Persia review (360) by grafkhun
- Call of Duty World at War review (360) by Maluigi
- Call of Duty World at War review (360) by Setho10

Tip of the Week: Have you come across a user that does not have a user review emblem in their profile, but he or she is a good reviewer? Recommend this user by going to this thread located in the Site Enhancement forum.

Customer Support Notice: If you have contacted support during the holiday break, please expect a minor delay in receiving a response. The offices were closed and we are in the process of catching up. Lastly, if you are disputing a recent moderation please expect a response later in the week. Thanks for your patience during this time.

Until next week!

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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