Weekly Report: GDC Debriefing

The latest weekly report shares your reactions about the PlayStation Move and much more!


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GDC 2010 Schwag Bundle!
Want to tell your friends that you attended GDC this year? It might be that easy with the GDC bundle prize we’ll be handing out in tomorrow’s episode of Today on the Spot. Check back tomorrow March 16 at 4 p.m. PT. Also, if you are wondering who won the GDC trivia sessions of the live shows in the past week, check the Video Producer’s news blog for details

Emblem Alerts
- GDC 2010 Emblem Update. If you discussed any of the live shows or replays of the GDC video shows, you should check your profile! As of this afternoon, everyone who posted in the video comments from Wednesday through today received the emblem. Unfortunately, if you did not discuss the GDC video shows we had during this window, the opportunity is now closed for GDC 2010. Thanks again to those of you who mingled and posted feedback during GDC!
- Box Hunt Emblem Granted. The Box Hunt activity for March is over, but you may view the answers. Everyone who participated in this activity received a participation emblem. Check back later this month for the next box hunt activity.

Additional Notes
We’ll play catch-up with a new Tip of the Week, non-GDC blogs, user videos, and user reviews in this Friday's weekly report. Additionally, the TOTS community video segment has been pushed back to next week. The person who is featured in this Friday’s weekly report as the member spotlight will be showcased in the following Tuesday’s TOTS video segment. You will want to continue to categorize your blogs as "editorial" content to get noticed by GameSpot Staff.

Member Spotlight

Our latest member spotlight, Shmoe82, takes a look at the history of game controllers. His editorial blog is packed with history and he shares photos to offer a visual comparison. We have also added him to the Soapbox.

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Blog Bunker GDC Edition

There are numerous blogs about the recent announcement of the PlayStation Move. Check out the following blogs written by: coruscant | starduke | Nesysli | Pierst179 | Jonesrm | masterpinky2000 | CyleM | Ninja-Bear | AK_the_Twilight | KingOfOldSkool |.

We only have a couple of staff fingertip alerts this week. Brendan Sinclair posted GDC Shenanigans and I have some highlights about how GDC went for me, including pictures of the show floor.

I would also like to give a shout-out to Darthkaiser for his blog about GameSpot's GDC coverage. Thanks for sharing your feedback. E3 is just around the corner!

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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