Weekly Recap: September 2016 Free PS Plus Games, Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 Lawsuit, New Pokemon Go Feature

Here's a rundown of the week's biggest stories and some you may have missed.

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Sony announced September 2016's free PlayStation Plus games this week. PS4 gets Lords of the Fallen and Journey, while PS3 gets Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura. On Vita, Badland and Amnesia: Memories will be free. All of these games will go free for PlayStation Plus subscribers next Tuesday, September 6. You have until then to claim August's freebies, which include Rebel Galaxy and Yakuza 5.

In other news, a New York court tossed out Mean Girls actress Lindsday Lohan's lawsuit against Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive over Grand Theft Auto V. She argued that Rockstar used her story and likeness for a GTA V character. Get the full story here.

Ending the week was news on Friday that Niantic Labs is adding a "buddy system" of sorts to Pokemon Go. The update will let you choose a Pokemon to be your buddy--and there are numerous benefits. No release date for the update was announced, but Niantic said it's "right around the corner."


A college has published a video game. Really. The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) this week self-published Hack, Slash & Backstab on Xbox One, becoming the first university in history to publish a game on Xbox One. It's out now on Xbox One and on PC through Steam. Read more about it here.

How much do you really know about iconic video game character Luigi? Check out the newest episode of Did You Know Gaming to learn a lot about the Mario brother.

Microsoft's sandbox game Minecraft is getting boss battles, it was announced this week. The feature will roll out first on Android before coming to the PC and other versions of the game. Learn more about the update here.

The Final Fantasy XV movie, Kingslgiave, came to theaters in early August and now it's out on digital channels to buy. Get all the info here.

Game Informer has a cool overview video for Destiny's new PvE space, Archon's Forge. Watch the video and get all the details here.

Happy birthday! Final Fantasy 14 has turned three. Since launch, it's reached 6 million players, and it continues to grow and evolve with new content. Get all the celebratory info here.

Infinity Ward has teamed up with iam8bit to produce an "extremely limited" run of Call of Duty: Infinite Ware and Zombies in Spaceland soundtracks on vinyl. You can preorder now. They are expected to ship in time for the holidays.

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More Dragon Quest remakes? Square Enix says in a new interview that it will consider it! Get all the information here in the US Gamer interview.

Netflix released a cool video this week that talks about how the new Marvel show, Luke Cage, is inspired by hip-hop icons. Take a look:

Captain America: Civil War is coming to home video later this month. Ahead of that, Marvel has released a deleted scene that features a showdown between Black Panther and Black Widow. Watch it here at Polygon.

Here's something pretty cool. The new Fox movie Morgan is about artificial intelligence and to that end, Fox recruited actual AI to make a trailer for the movie. This is what Fox is calling the world's first movie trailer made by AI. Take a look at the video here on YouTube.

It's not just gamers themselves making mods for Fallout 4. Nvidia this week launched Vault 1080, a free mod for Fallout that is pretty robust--it includes an "in-depth" side quest area that Nvidia estimates provides over an hour of gameplay. And the graphics look better. Take a look:

Have a great weekend!

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