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Web site raises funds to buy kid a PSP

Nine-year-old who dreamed of owning a PSP gets financial help from the kindness of strangers.


Using a nine-year-old's example, gamers strapped for cash looking to own the latest piece of high-tech equipment shouldn't ask their parents. Instead, they should look for a little help from strangers. The Web blog Hoopyrides tells the story of "Jose Luis Junior," a kid who wanted a PSP so badly that he drew life-size pictures of the system (along with his ideas for some pretty wicked games) and sold them to friends for a quarter. He is such a fan of gaming that he studiously reads strategy guides for games he doesn't even own. Christmastime came and went, and no PSP was left under the tree. Hooptyride's author began a fund to make the boy's dream come true, and within two days, people donated enough money for a PSP. Remember kids, the PlayStation 3 is scheduled to come out this year.

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