Web site for Agatha Christie game revealed

Clues emerge at the official site for upcoming PC adventure And Then There Were None; demo coming soon.


The Adventure Company has launched the official Web site for Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, the PC game based on the well-known mystery novel. The Web site includes information on the game, screenshots, and a biography of the famous mystery author. According to the site, a trailer and demo of the game will be released soon.

In this first-ever game based on an Agatha Christie novel, players will assume the role of Patrick Narracott, a new addition to the cast of 10 from the novel. Clouded in mystery himself, Narracott must attempt to unravel the enigma on the island as each character is targeted for death, one by one. And Then There Were None will hit stores this November. To unearth more evidence, see GameSpot's own investigations from this year's E3.

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