We're Not Holding Back Battlefield Hardline Content for DLC, Dev Says

Lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser says upcoming DLC isn't even built yet.

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Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games has attempted to calm concerns over the shooter's extensive downloadable content plans. Announced last week was the Hardline Premium offering, a $50 package that includes four expansion packs that are scheduled for release into 2016.

Some took the news as Visceral purposefully holding back content from the main game so it could sell it later. But that's not the case, according to lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser.

"There's [no DLC] that we could actually ship today that would be part of the game" -- Sasser

"I've seen that comment as well," Sasser told GameSpot. "My response to that is I don't know how it could be included in the full game because it's not built yet. So that would be a real magic trick for us to include something that we haven't built yet."

"Obviously, we've talked about it, we've thought about it, we've got some designs, we've got some things we're working on," he added. "But there's nothing that we could actually ship today that would be part of the game. So I don't even see how that conversation even realistically happens."

Hardline, which officially launches March 17 but is available now for EA Access members on Xbox One, comes with seven modes and nine maps. Future expansions, the first of which is called Criminal Activity and launches this summer, will introduce even more maps to the shooter.

Battlefield Hardline isn't the first game to draw criticism for its approach to DLC, as some gamers also took issue with the way in which Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock is handling expansions for its new monster-hunting game, Evolve. Though the developer has since spoken out to address these concerns, one analyst believes the game's "confusing" DLC plans might have hurt initial sales.

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