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We Push Far Cry 5's Co-Op Multiplayer To Its Limits

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Online hijinks in Hope County.

While Far Cry 5 is a lot of fun in solo play, the game's expanded online gameplay is likely where most players will spend their time. Co-op play is where Ubisoft's next open-world game really shines, and after the game's tutorial mission, the entirety of your time through Hope County can be played online with a friend. Whether it's diving into several stunt-driving missions, base-raiding, taking down some of the key members of Eden's Gate, or hunting animals, you can do it with a friend.

In the above video, Aaron Sampson and I got to play through Far Cry 5's opening and experience the early hours in the open world. During that time, we took part in the many activities that Hope County has to offer. But we wanted to go a bit further, so we took some time to test all sorts of stunts and features associated with co-op, and whether it could all work in ways that most players will expect.

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We put together a series of tests to see how much you can push co-op play, and how the game world reacts to the presence of an additional player in-game. Things we tested include how far you and your co-op buddy can stray from one another, if the game will get harder with another player added into the mix, and what sort of progress the guest player gets to keep after leaving the session. Many of these tests required some quick-thinking and some trial-and-error, but we had fun putting it all together for you. Check out which of these hot-topics were were successes and failures.

For more info about Far Cry 5, be sure to check out our interview with lead writer Drew Holmes and lead actor Greg Bryk about the making of the game, along with some videos about some more deadly allies you can find--hint: it's a bear.

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