We Play: Saints Row: The Third MCM Expo Demo

Developer Volition shows off some explosive gameplay from Saints Row: The Third at MCM Expo.


Saints Row: The Third

Were you at MCM this weekend? No? Then hang your head in shame! We forgive you, but you did miss out on developer Volition showing off Saints Row: The Third on the GameSpot UK stage. Fear not, though: we have four gameplay videos from the show right here for you. Yes, we're real Samaritans.

Who needs to learn all that free-running rubbish when you can get across the city via a human cannon? As demonstrated here by our talented green hero, just a little gunpowder and a huge barrel is the only way to travel in style. Upon landing, feel free to pummel your rival street gangs into a sticky red paste.

If keeping the combat close and personal is really your thing, then take up a mace. Combined with some slick wrestling moves, this is definitely the showman’s way of saying, "Would you kindly refrain from walking on my turf?"

Of course, for those with pyromaniac tendencies, HE shells are the non-compromise option. Just hijack a tank and let those beauties fly. If you fancy a little more entertainment, then the Super Ethical Reality Climax game should be perfect for you. Who doesn't love mazes filled with electric death and creepy cat faces?

Traditionalists who just want to take exotic cars out for a spin have nothing to fear, because Saints Row: The Third's car creation features let you create the hottest pink automobile you could ever imagine...and then crash it into a building.

Finally, be sure to check out our Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station Demo giveaway to create your perfect avatar ahead of release so you can get going the instant you have the game.

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