We Play: Batman Arkham City Nightwing DLC MCM Demo

We take on some fiendish challenge rooms in the first downloadable content release for Arkham City.


Batman: Arkham City

Dick Grayson--former boy wonder Robin, now better known as Nightwing--was unseen through the story of Arkham City. That's because he's been hiding out in a new downloadable content pack that we got to see at MCM. Developer Rocksteady was there to show us how to take out Gotham thugs the professional way, and we were left stunned with some incredible combos.

Rounds one and two start out relatively tame, with Nightwing using his twin electro-batons to beat enemy thugs into submission. You can see that his batons work in a similar way to the taser rods that some thugs use, pushing enemies back with a blast of electric energy. But that's tame compared to what he's about to unleash in rounds three and four.

With the action heating up, Nightwing lets loose an area-of-effect move that blasts all surrounding opponents with a bolt of electricity from his batons. Considering Bruce is the one with all the money, we can't help but wonder why some kid was able to come up with this tech first.

Nightwing DLC for Arkham City is available from today on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. For the price of admission (560 Microsoft points, $6.99/£5.49 on the PSN), you get access to both the standard and animated Nightwing skins, a new skin for Bats himself, plus the Main Hall and Wayne Manor challenge maps.

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