"We All Want Destiny to Be Better," Bungie Says in Response to Recent Rumors

Bungie responds to recent Destiny rumors, says it's considering raid matchmaking.


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Yesterday, Bungie responded to recent rumors that fans have formed around Destiny.

"We’ve seen a lot of theories about Bungie on the Internet this week," Community Mananger David "DeeJ" Dague said. "I understand why that stuff is compelling. The drama of the rumor mill is a symptom of a greater issue: We all want Destiny to be better. The problem is that sifting through gossip in search of truth doesn’t bring us any closer to a stronger game."

Earlier this week, a Destiny bug revealed pieces of content that's currently not in the game, with the names of some locations and events matching up with DLC Bungie has previously announced. Bungie already responded to the bug, saying that these are placeholder nodes with names that may or may not change by release, and that neither of the Expansion Packs it announced are finished.

However, Dague might also be referring to some recent theories about Destiny's story, specifically how it may have changed during the last stretch of development.

Dague added that "there may come a time when we [Bungie] take a probing look back at the challenges we faced during the development of Destiny, but those won't be my stories to tell."

Finally, Dague also said that Bungie has heard players' requests for a raid matchmaking system, and that Bungie is having conversations about how that feature might support the more challenging activities in the game.

Destiny's patch 1.0.2 went live earlier this week, changing up the way Engrams work and tweaking some aspects of the Crucible. You can get the full rundown here.

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