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WD's New NVMe SSD Is Fast Enough For PS5

Western Digital has unveiled new SSD storage options, including a new Game Dock, add-in card, and an NVMe SSD fast enough for the PS5.


Western Digital has a new slate of SSD products, and one of them is particularly exciting. The company's new Gen 4 NVMe SSD boasts speeds that are fast enough for the PS5, meaning you can upgrade your internal storage and hold more next-gen games on your new console. In addition to this ultra-fast NVMe SSD, WD also revealed a PCIe add-in SSD card and a new Thunderbolt 3 SSD game dock that makes adding extra storage and ports to any laptop easy. All of the new SSD products boast fast read/write speeds and customizable RGB lighting that should make them top-of-the-line PC and gaming parts.

Western Digital's WD Black line is focused specifically on products for gamers, which is why the company has put a focus on gorgeous RGB lighting for its next line of storage options. All of WD Black's RGB-enabled products can be customized and synchronized via the WD Black Dashboard app on Windows. Thankfully, the company hasn't neglected the speed of its NVMe SSDs, providing a number of options that rival the best on the market and should put you at the cutting edge of PC loading speeds.

With the PS5 making the jump to powerful SSD memory over hard drives, this might be a good time to pick up some extra storage before everyone else realizes they're going to need more than the default memory on their PlayStation 5 during the holidays.

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